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I know the moment very well when a person gets run out of coffee filters. As a crazy coffee lover, I have frequently felt the worst situation. I felt desperate for an alternative to the coffee filter at that moment. Here, you may ask to buy a filter from the nearest shop. For your kind information, every time it does not work for all & every place. Even, on Sunday morning or evening it is quite impossible to buy coffee filter in the USA. I suffered a lot. That’s why telling you about easy alternative ways. Are you are facing the same situation regarding filtering coffee right now? Have you run out of your coffee filter. Don’t worry. Here is a news to make you happy.  I’m going to discuss the best alternative coffee filter. The taste of filtered coffee is awesome and perfect. If you have experiences of brewing coffee before, then you are well known about coffee filtering.  Here, I want to request you not to choose anything like a coffee filter. People face so many problems to choose, as they haven’t enough knowledge.

Alternative Coffee Filters

Confusion & its mitigation about the best alternative coffee filter:

You may have found various types of coffee filters in the market. Undoubtedly, this is great. But, do you know what? This is the most concerning fact indeed. It will make you confused, what to choose and what not to. Moreover, you may be deprived of quality products. That’s why we are here to meet you with the right one. Keep going through this article, you will be benefited for sure.

Types of coffee filter substitutes:

Basically, there are two types of coffee filters. One is The paper coffee filter and the other one is the reusable coffee filter. Disposable filter is the alternate name of the paper coffee filter. It is the most popular one among all the brewing methods. The reusable coffee filter may be various types. Such as-

  • Cheesecloth alternative coffee filter
  • Mesh filter
  • Gold coffee filter
  • Stainless-steel coffee filter
  • Muslin cloth coffee filter
  • Metal coffee filter
  • Chemex coffee filter alternative

Although these alternatives are different in look, they work same.

Nice to know:

what can you use instead of coffee filters? Which is good? It will depend on your situations that which one you will pick.  You should consider your ability to spend, need & quantity to brew coffee. You have to keep in mind that paper coffee filter has a short life-span. However, it is easily affordable. On the other hand, long life-span is the characteristics of the reusable coffee filter.

 Now come to the main discussion on best alternative coffee filters in 2020

1. Alternative coffee filter: paper

Alternative coffee filter: paper

The paper filter is the most popular and easiest method. It has various sizes like one to six. The size depends on your brewed quantity. The smaller size is okay for one cup. Likely, larger size for multiple cups. Aroma is the most important thing in coffee. None like bad tasting coffee. Aren’t we right? So, this is a good news for you that the filter paper doesn’t spoil the test anymore. You will feel the real flavor & aroma. There is a great benefit of the paper filter. It can trap unwanted sediment, absorb oils from grounds and helps to maintain the cholesterol level. Even it is biodegradable & easily disposable. So, it has no harmful effect. Rather than it is eco-friendly. To get a smooth and tasty brew it has no comparison. This filter is for one-time use.

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2. A paper towel filter:

paper towel filter

No coffee filters in your kitchen? Can you use a paper towel as a coffee filter? Yes, a paper towel as coffee filters may be a superb alternative. If you do not have any other filter substitute in the home, you can shape it easily. Even, it fits accurately in the filter cup. In this case, double-poly toilet paper is better than one. As it is very thin, there is nothing to get worried & feel shy to use it. It is always available everywhere. So don’t worry to get it anytime. The great benefit of it is, you will find no mud on the bottom of the mug.


Never use highly heated water. Otherwise, it may tear & affect the taste. So, be careful in using the paper towel.

3. Cheesecloth:


What do you think about cheesecloth as a substitute? It’s really a great alternative of coffee filter. Making cheese we use this Cheesecloth. Woven cotton(like gauze) is the making material of it. It can separate liquids from solids (and opposite)   You get it in different ranges & grades. If you want to make your coffee better, you should use the fine grade. As, through the finest grade, grounds cannot pass through. Most frequently, people use this cheesecloth as wine making, cheese making & printmaking. So, easily anybody can find it in the house. It works like the paper towel filter. But, it has a great benefit that it won’t tear. This is stronger than the paper towel.

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4. Wire Mesh Filter:

Wire Mesh Filter

Don’t you want any environment-friendly coffee filter? I’m sure that the answer will be “yes, of course”. Then, this reusable alternative coffee filter is just for you dear. If you get run out of coffee filters, nothing to worry. You have a permanent alternative of emergency coffee filter. Wow! Doesn’t it sound really fantastic? I am a proud user of it. It is very easy to wash & a perfect coffee filter replacement. You can find it in the market in various sizes & shapes. Buy it as you need. Generally, stainless-steel wire mesh is available in the shop. And this maintains high quality at affordable prices.

5. Muslin:


Muslin is cotton cloth, but it is soft and lightweight. It is very easy & quick to use muslin as like as a cheesecloth coffee filter. Even you can clean it easily like cheesecloth. Don’t use any harsh scented washing powder to clean as it can affect the coffee. You just have to notice that the cloth has enough pore to pass through the coffee. Generally, women use it for making butter at home. It is reusable too. But don’t take any muslin cloth which you have used several times before. You have used once is okay. Otherwise, take new one which will be tightly woven & clean.

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6. Socks:


Can I Use An Old Sock As A Coffee Filter? Yes, you are going to surprised to know that, you may use socks as an emergency coffee filter. This method is so old and popular. I know it is quite hard to believe. But believe me, it is absolutely true. It is an eco-friendly method. Can i reuse a coffee filter sock? Yes, you can wash your socks easily and reuse it whenever you need. First, take the coffee grounds in socks. Place it in a  coffee mug. Then, pour with hot water and wait for a while. You may use also stockings & handkerchief. They also provide good services.

7. Cowboy Coffee:

Cowboy Coffee

Do you have any experience with cowboy coffee? It is them who don’t want to use any gadgets as a filter. It is an easy process. You just need coffee grounds, water, and a  kettle or pot. Boil the water, uses the required amount of coffee ground. Wait for a while to settle the hot mixture. Then, pour it to serve.

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8. Instant Coffee:

Instant Coffee

This is the easiest one & you can avoid the emergency coffee filter problem. You have no need to use any coffee filter substitutes. Even there is no need for any explanation. There is no need to use a filter. It will save your time. You just have to pour hot water with instant coffee.

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9. Kopi Tubruk Method

Kopi Tubruk

If you have ever traveled to Indonesia you will find Kopi Tubruk coffee there. This coffee is also known to many as mud coffee. This coffee is similar to Turkish coffee because after coffee brewing the coffee grounds are placed in the bottom of the cup. If you can make this coffee the right way, it will look just like your regular coffee. To prepare coffee, mix two teaspoons of fine or medium grounds and quantity of sugar. Now boil some of the water and mix the mixture with a spoon. Wait for 2 or 3 minutes so that the coffee grounds are fully deposited on the bottom of the coffee mug. One thing to keep in mind is that you refrain from drinking mud on the floor. So, if you use this coffee, you don’t need to uy coffee filter.

10. Use Disposable Tea Filter Bags

Disposable Tea Filter Bags : Coffee Filter Substitute

If you have tea bags, you are free from coffee filter problems. Grind your favorite blend & pour grinds into Disposable Tea Filter Bags. Now seal the bag & make your coffee without tension. This Tea Bag can be a travel companion for coffee lovers & it will works as an effective coffee filter.

11. French Press

French Press

If you have French Press in your house then you don’t have to wake up in the morning with worry about getting out of the coffee filter. It usually has a metal filter and in some cases a double filter. This metal filter does not prevent natural oils and fine particles from reaching the cup. The taste of the coffee remains intact.

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How To Make A Coffee Filter Using A Paper Towel?

Let’s see diy coffee filter tutorial if you are looking for homemade coffee filter:

Well, here all the information is in front of you. Now it’s your turn to decide. Observe your own situations and choose the suitable one for you. Moreover, you may apply all of these alternative coffee filters for gathering experiences. For any queries please inform us. We will definitely help you. Stay tuned to and enrich you with all about coffee.


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