Arabica Vs Robusta : Differences of the Taste

Arabica Vs Robusta : Differences of the Taste

We cannot manufacture coffee in a factory. We get it from the plants. So, plants have genetic characteristics.  There are two types of coffee beans available in the market. They are like opponents (Arabica Vs Robusta). One is coffee Arabica and the another is coffee Robusta (Coffee Canephora). All over the world, around 75% of the coffee beans come from Arabica species plants. Whereas Robusta coffee plants produce 25% beans annually. Arabica coffee beans considered as a premium coffee brand  as well as higher in price. However, Robusta coffee beans considered as an instant coffee. There is a believe that Arabica coffee beans are better than Robusta coffee beans. But what are the reasons behind that ?

Why Arabica coffee beans are superior?

Really is there any difference?

Let’s zoom in on 10 differences between two species of coffee

1. Taste

The most common and widely known feature. The taste of Arabica coffee has wider range. Their range in taste between fruity to bitter. It has higher acidity. It is generally sweeter than Robusta coffee. The smells are close to blueberries.

Furthermore, the taste range of Robusta coffee bean is between neutral to harsh. It contains less sugar. It provides bland crema, lower acidity than Arabica.

2. Production Conditions

By growing the Arabica coffee beans, it needs cool climate, ample amount of moisture. It demands proper sun shine with sun shade. But it can be easily attacked by various pests and highly sophisticated in terms of bad handling. Moreover, it must be grown at a higher place above 600 to 2000 meters. Brazil is the largest producer of it.

On the other hand, Robusta coffee beans are popular due to its easy maintenance. It is cultivated widely and produces more crops per acre at a lower price. It grows at lower spaces of 200 to 800 meters. In addition, it is less risky about pest control and rough handling. Vietnam is the largest producer of it.

3. Economics

According to supply, demand and trade in last 150 years, it has determined that Arabica coffee bean is much more superior to Robusta coffee bean. Arabica coffee bean has the highest quality blends as well as expensive.

But it does not mean that Robusta coffee bean is not good enough. For instance, in Italy, home of espresso, Robusta coffee beans are widely used. Because peoples are affectionate for its strength and crema. Many coffee shops contain a large portion of Robusta coffee beans. So, in the commodity market, the price of Robusta is almost half of the Arabica.

4. Looks

Arabica coffee beans are oval in shape and larger in size. It is pronounced center folding. Again the height of Arabica trees is 3-4 meter long(10-14 ft). On the other hand, Robusta coffee beans are polar in size and smaller too. Robusta coffee tree is larger than Arabica coffee tree. It grows up to 10-12m (33-40 ft) in height. Moreover, the productions of Robusta coffee beans are bigger than the Arabica coffee beans tree.

Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee

5. Chemistry and flavor

At first, we know that coffee beans have various components such as acids, sugar, oil and so on. Both type of coffee beans have differences in the ratio. For instance, Arabica contain oils about 15% to 17% which is higher than Robusta. Besides this, other components like sugar are available in 6-9%. That makes Arabica sweeter.

On the other hand, Robusta coffee beans have less percentage of oil which is about 10-12% as well as sugar level is 3-7%. But it does not mean that Robusta coffee beans are not perfect. It has some specialties too . It has approximately double the number of chlorogenic acids and makes itself more stronger tastes like cappuccinos. A mug of cappuccino can give you a good kick in your daily morning.

6. Characteristics

Both coffee beans have some individual characteristics. According to Arabica coffee beans, it is more sophisticated in character. These beans are very low resistance to weather and can be affected by germs easily. Besides this, the process of cultivation is more specific. On the contrast, Robusta coffee beans have high resistance to weather. The immune system is also high. In addition, it requires less cultivation process.

7. Caffeine content

In caffeine content, there is a big difference between Arabica coffee bean and Robusta coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans contain less caffeine compared to Robusta coffee beans. In a study it has found that Robusta coffee beans have double the amount of caffeine (1.7%-4%). Furthermore, in an experiment, there is 140-200 mg caffeine exist 6 ounce average cup. Whereas, for Arabica coffee beans, it is only 75-130 gram.

Five brands of Arabica coffee

Columbia Blend, Sudden Coffee, Maxwell House Coffee, Nescafé Classics, Mount Hagen and so on.

Five brands of Robusta coffee

Death wish coffee, Valhalla java, Bach Vietnamese coffee, Anni Coffee, Urja and so on.

Both types of coffee bean have some criteria individually. For Arabica coffee bean, it has amazing sweet and diversity flavors. But more expensive than Robusta. Additionally, for Robusta coffee bean, it is high yield and climate resistant. But it has less diversity option and unpleasant bitter taste. Above all information, it does not mean that “Arabica is better than Robusta.” Because Robusta is full of potential resource. Farmer enjoys cultivating this type of bean.
So, you can have it according to your mood. Have a great cup of coffee.

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