Can You Drink Expired Coffee?

Many people have curiosity with the expired coffee. There have lots of people say that after drinking old coffee they were physically ill. On the other hand, there are many who think that coffee is never expired.

Due to two different opinions, many people are curious about the expired coffee. So, we think some important things can be discussed to overcome the misunderstanding on this issue.

Can You Drink Expired Coffee?

Let’s know the real mystery of expired coffee

Most coffee does not have expiration date. If any brand has no expiration date, I will suggest to skip the brand & find out world famous coffee brands. However, buying a packaged coffee from the store there is an expiration date.

This expiration date is meant to good to use before. It is meant to be used if you use it before the given time. But you can use it over time. If you drink coffee after a long time, you will not get the sweet flavor. Due to this, drinking expired coffee can cause bad taste and many feel ill.

What Can Cause Coffee to go Bad?

Coffee can go bad because of light, moisture & heat. If you keep coffee in the open for long time, coffee can go bad. Make sure that any kind of bad bugs are not available in your kitchen. Moreover, if you keep coffee with unhygienic foods, bacteria can cause coffee to go bad.

Can Expired Coffee Make You Sick?

It depends on the condition of coffee. Everyone’s digestive power is not the same. Therefore, the problem of sickness is different from man to man.

If the coffee is kept open, it may be affected by mold. So in this situation, coffee will lose its freshness and changes in the flavor of coffee.

If you do not store coffee correctly, it may be unsuitable to use even before expiration date. So we think that you should not only rely on the expiration date but also should ensure that the coffee is properly stored.

Does old coffee drop its caffeine content?

The quality of Caffeine does not change easily. It is not degrade due to temperature. It is a type of dry chemical that is used in the manufacture of various medicines. Therefore, it is good enough for at least 1 year.

How to Know If Coffee Has Expired and Gone Bad?

  • Color: If the coffee is old, the color of the coffee can be changed. So, before drinking coffee, you should notice the color of the coffee. However, there are some types of coffee which become old but the color does not change.
  • Smell: If coffee is old, its smell changes. Because of this, you will miss fresh coffee flavors while drinking coffee. So, before making coffee, check its smell. Otherwise, the time of coffee making and effort will be useless. You will get a fresh smell immediately after you take fresh coffee.
  • Taste: Drinking fresh coffee will give you a taste of it. On the other hand, the old coffee will not have good taste. You must want to drink tasty coffee.

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How to Store Coffee fresh for long time?

The proper preservation system of coffee is to keep it in a dry cold place and keep it away from the light if possible. Coffee should also be kept in airtight bottles. In this case, instead of using plastic bottles, it is better to store coffee in glass bottles.

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Coffee Storage Containers

There have different airtight Coffee Storage Containers in the market. Look for one-way valve that stops air and light entrance. Below some Coffee Storage Containers brands are mentioned:

  • OXO Good Grips POP Container: It has an airtight seal with the push of a button. No matter if you buy more than one pound because it is size friendly. Since it has UV-blocking system, it can easily block light entrance.
  • Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container: The specialty of this product is that it can vent away carbon dioxide.
  • Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister: It is a stainless steel product which is good for coffee & easy to clean.
  • Oggi 4-Piece Acrylic Canister Set: If you want different coffee roasts and grinds to be stored in one place, this multiple containers for multiple coffee storage is a great solution.

So, from my point of view it is better drinking fresh coffee rather than old or expired coffee. Do you have any experience with drinking coffee? Feel free to share your expired coffee drinking experience.

Best Nespresso Capsules in 2019 (Top 7 Picks)

Best Nespresso Capsules

Coffee is one of the small pleasurable beverages of our life. Obviously, commercial coffees have great tastes to drink and it bears good costing also. If you have got used to drinking normal coffee, lattes or mocha at Starbucks, then you wouldn’t get the same pleasure by taking a homemade instant bland cup of coffee. Don’t lose hope! Luckily, a lot of coffee machines are available in the market by which you can replicate your favorite drink at your home. If you ask me, what is the easiest way to get a great cup of coffee or lattes without a ton of hassle and obsessive price? I advise you to get a Nespresso machine from the market.

Why Nespresso?

Nespresso machine is a user-friendly coffee machine. It uses an original, patented pod system to make a high blended quality cup of coffee. Besides, the operations of Nespresso machines are quite simple. You have to load your preferred pod into the machine, press the start and wait for a while the machine prepares your brew. You can also choose your cup size and capsules for flavor and the strength of the brew. Besides, you can make lattes, americano, and cappuccinos by using Nespresso machine with the best nespresso capsules. If you have a Nespresso machine and wish to have a great latte, the only things you need to do then: Pour milk into the frother, then frothing. Add a Nespresso capsule into your coffee and by taping one-button brewing. Yep! That’s all. Your lattes are ready.

Generally, the average price of Nespresso capsule is around $0.75 for OriginalLine machines and around $1 for VertuoLine machines. But, hey!! it is still lower costing than commercials, right? So, today we are going to talk about the best Nespresso capsules. So that you can just pop it into your Nespresso machine and enjoy your coffee exactly as you want.

Types of Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso capsules are called by different names like coffee capsules or coffee containers. Nespresso have 16 different types of coffee capsules, which can be used with their home coffee machines. Types of Nespresso capsules may be something confusing. According to the study and all the things along, they can be divided into four different categories. The general categories of Nespresso capsules are:

  • Nespresso Espresso Capsules
  • Pure Origine capsules
  • Lungo capsules
  • Decaffeinato capsules.

Short Notes of Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso Espresso Capsules:

Nespresso espresso capsules are traditional, high-standard coffee capsules that most of the coffee lovers are having. There are seven different types of espresso capsules in the Nespresso category. These capsules are generally for ‘shorter’ coffee and come in a different variety of strengths. Espresso capsules are the most popular and common coffee blend capsules and are famous and ideal for home coffee users.

Lungo Capsules:

Lungo Nespresso capsules are for longer coffee. That’s why it is also called as tall coffee. Lungo capsules use more amount of water than espresso (approximately twice than espresso).

Pure Origine Capsules:

If you want to make Espressos, you need Pure origine capsules. Nespresso machines have three pure origine capsules.

Decaffeinato Capsules:

Decaffeinato capsules are a special type of Nespresso. These capsules have three types with the variety of tastes.

Here, this picture will easily help you to understand the different categories and as well as subcategories of various types of Nespresso coffee capsules:

Now, today we are just gonna talk about top seven Nespresso espresso capsules which capsules are best for your Espresso, Cappuccino or lattes. So, here’s our best Nespresso espresso capsules you may wanna choose according to your preferences like acidity level, intensity. These seven varieties of Nespresso espresso capsules are the best of all espressos. Check them out:

Ristretto Capsule

Key Points:

  • Very powerful and contrasting.
  • Intensity Level: Very high.
  • Cup Size: 25ml / 40ml
  • Aromatic Profile: Intensely roasted.

Ristretto capsules are the strongest, contrasting and intense OriginalLine south American and East African Arabicas, with a touch of Robusta espresso coffee capsules. It has highly intensive strength, that’s why this capsule can stand up to all of the milk used for latte and it is the best Nespresso capsule for lattes.  It has lighter acidic, fruity flavor notes.

Arpeggio Capsule

Key Points:

  • Powerful, intensive and creamy.
  • Intensity Level: Very high.
  • Cup Size: 25ml / 40ml.
  • Aromatic Profile: Cocoa note.

The second-best Nespresso coffee capsules can be referred to Arpeggio capsules. Arpeggio capsules are also bold, stronger, creamy and highly intense coffee capsules.  Arpeggio capsules hit you with a subtle cocoa note. Ristretto and Arpeggio Capsules can be considered as 1a and 1b Nespresso capsules.

Roma Capsule

Key Points:

  • Full and balanced, finely Grounded and light roasted.
  • Intensity Level: High.
  • Cup Size: 25ml / 40ml.
  • Aromatic Profile: Woody.

Roma capsules are a balanced Central American Arabicas and Brazilian Robustus provides a full and lasting taste. It gives Roma sweet and woody notes. The beans that are used to make Roma capsules, they are lightly roasted and finely grounded. Roma capsule is not too strong like Ristretto and Arpeggio Capsule.

Livanto Capsule

Key Points:

Livanto capsules are a well-balanced espresso, pure Arabica from the south and central America. It has a fruity, malted profile. The beans are used to make Livanto capsules, are medium roasted that accentuates the flavor and diffuse a delicate, complex and caramelized notes of cereal.

Volluto Capsule

Key Points:

  • Pure & lightly roasted, sweet and fruity.
  • Intensity Level: low
  • Cup Size: 40ml.
  • Aromatic Profile: cereal with fresh fruity notes.

Volluto capsules are lightly roasted, cereal scented blend pure Arabica coffee. Volluto has sweet and biscuity flavors invigorated by a little acidity and fruity notes. The light roasting of preserves the cereal note of Arabica and fresh fruity notes.

Capriccio Capsule

Key Points:

Capriccio capsules have a rich flavor and light acidity of Brazilian Arabica and a tiny touch of Robusta. It is an espresso capsule with a rich aroma with strong cereal notes.

Cosi Capsule

Key Points:

  • Light and Lemony, Pure Arabica.
  • Intensity Level: Very Low.
  • Cup Size: 40ml.
  • Aromatic Profile: Citrus.

Cosi espresso capsules are pure, lightly roasted Central and South American Arabicas. Cosi has strong lemony flavor and it is a light-bodied espresso with fragile citrus notes of Cosi.

Choosing the Appropriate Capsule for your coffee

We already know Nespresso produce different types of capsules which have the individual and variety taste themselves. Each type of capsules is tasted good, but not every person is gonna love all types. So, here’s a short table of which capsules are appropriate or best for? Let’s have a look:

Name of the Capsule Intensity Level Appropriate use for
Very High Espresso, Latte,
Arpeggio Very High Espresso, Latte,
Roma High Espresso
Livanto Medium Espresso
Volluto Low Espresso
Capriccio Medium Espresso
Cosi Very Low Espresso



We hope that now you have the fundamentals about the best Nespresso espresso capsules, which could be appropriate for you personally. You have the idea, you go for your best Nespresso espresso capsule and enjoy your espresso, cappuccino or latte whatever you want to have.

What is Espresso Crema? How to Make it Perfect?

espresso cream

Hi, guys! Few days ago, one of my friends asking me a question when we are ordering coffee in a coffee shop. His question was, “what is espresso crema and what a relationship with espresso coffee?”

Yah! There’s an intimate relationship between espresso crème and a perfect shot of Espresso. But before we know the relationship between them, we need to know what espresso coffee is and how it prepares?

Do you remember? At coffee shop when we want a strong coffee, the common question comes from the sales assistants – Do you want Espresso?

Here I described it part by part for you guys.

So, actually, what is an Espresso shot?

Espresso is a thick liquid extraction related to a coffee brewing method. Basically, it is an Italian origin authentic coffee.

Brewing Method:

Espresso is a strong black coffee brewed nearly boiled (91° to 95°C) forced stream water that goes through the subtle (50gm±10gm) compacted ground coffee. To brew one-shot (1.5Oz) of Espresso, take 30 seconds extensions by using a quality espresso coffee maker. Actually, an excellent shot of Espresso follows this sequence 9-7-30-30. It also says, “Espresso Golden Rule.”

I recommend, to get the best coffee crema, you should use a coffee maker that is brewed in an automatic process.

Now, let’s know what espresso crema is? 

A crema signifies a layer of beautiful foam bubble creates on the top of an espresso shot. Standardly, it looks like the yellowish-brown or brown-gold colour. These colours depend on the roasting and brewing methods of espresso coffee.

Where intimate relations of espresso coffee and crema?

Indeed, the taste of Espresso doesn’t depend on the thickness or colours of crema. Usually, it is the indicator of the quality of your espresso shots.

That means the quality of the Espresso determines by the level of its cream. It helps to find out the best beans for espresso crema.

What represents the relation between Espresso Crème and Carbon Dioxide?

Currently, we know the espresso crème is a nice foaming layer on the surface of the espresso coffee. Typically, this layer depends on the freshly roasted beans.

Freshly roasted beans refer to those beans which have rich absorption of carbon dioxide/CO2.

In the brewing time of Espresso, while the pressurized water is coming through the tight-packed finely ground coffee, that time this carbon dioxide also goes out and creating the foam bubble.

My friends, now we know that a good espresso shot can make excellent coffee foam.

So, let’s scrutinize how to make perfect shots of Espresso. Only then will we get our expected coffee foam on the top of the coffee.

How do you make excellent shots of Espresso?

When you prepare great shots of Espresso, the crème is naturally produced. So, when you get a layer like cream of cake on your coffee, then you confirm that a perfect shot of espresso coffee brewing method is complete. To pull perfect espresso shots always, you should follow some general guidelines –

Types of Equipment

  • Best Espresso Machine
  • Quality Grinder (some espresso machine has hoper with it.)
  • Portafilter
  • Tamper
  • Filtered water (Without it the device will be spoiled.)
  • Cup (regular or Espresso Cup)
  • Good quality coffee beans.

Let’s go through step by step to get into the good stuff –


Before brewing the first cup of the day, you must be sure about the preheat of your machine. For this reason, you need to perform all the steps without coffee. It means flowing water through the cup by portafilter without using coffee grounds. It will take 15 to 25 seconds to preheat the machine.


Crush your freshly roasted coffee beans as per your cups quantity by your Grinder before preparing Espresso. Because of doing this, you get fresh, bold taste and fragrance and crema from your coffee.


Put 1 shot (7gm) or double shots (15gm) of refined ground coffee in the portafilter. Press evenly by a temper to make sure it’s sufficiently compact before positioned the portafilter in your espresso machine.


After placing the portafilter in your espresso machine brew head and placed your preheated espresso cup beneath it.


Press the power button and wait for the 9bar pressure boiled water come through the portafilter and stored the 30ml of coffee extract in the cup.


The ideal extraction time of an espresso shot is 25 to 30 seconds. Within a few second crema should form after the brewing process starts.

If you follow all those steps, you will get a perfect shot of Espresso with crema. We also provide a video for you-


The colour of crema and thickness depends on these few things::

  • Roasting process – light or dark what kind of roasted bean you are using?
  • Freshly Ground beans – do you use freshly ground coffee or pre-ground coffee for the brew?
  • Brewed time – how long the process of shot takes for?
  • Crush quality – It is the consistency of your coffee grounds.

Basically, Above are the main reasons for changing the colour and thickness of espresso crema, So, always try to follow the Espresso golden rule to get this espresso crema. And experiences will also help you to prepare the perfect shots of Espresso with rich, nice crème.



Arabica Vs Robusta : What’s the Difference? Which one is better?

Arabica Vs Robusta

We cannot manufacture coffee in a factory. We get it from the plants. So, plants have genetic characteristics. In terms of coffee bean types and flavors, there are two types of coffee beans available in the market. They are like opponents (Arabica Vs Robusta). One is coffee Arabica and the other is coffee Robusta (Coffea Canephora). All over the world, around 75% of the coffee beans come from Arabica species plants. Whereas Robusta coffee plants produce 25% beans annually. Arabica coffee brands considered as premium coffee brands as well as higher in price. However, Robusta coffee brands considered as an instant coffee. There is a believe that Arabica coffee brands are better than Robusta coffee brands. But what are the reasons behind that?

coffee plant types

Difference between Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee Plant

Let’s zoom in on 7 differences between two species of coffee.

1. Taste

The most common and widely known feature. The taste of Arabica coffee has a wider range. Their range in taste between fruity to bitter. It has higher acidity. It is generally sweeter than Robusta coffee. The smells are close to blueberries.

Furthermore, the taste range of Robusta coffee bean is between neutral to harsh. It contains less sugar. It provides bland crema, lower acidity than Arabica.

2. Production Conditions

arabica coffee bean

For having the Arabica coffee benefits, it needs a cool climate, ample amount of moisture. It demands proper sunshine with sunshade. But it can be easily attacked by various pests and highly sophisticated in terms of bad handling. Moreover, it must be grown at a higher place above 600 to 2000 meters. Brazil is the largest producer of it.

On the other hand, Robusta coffee is popular due to its easy maintenance. It is cultivated widely and produces more crops per acre at a lower price. It grows at lower spaces of 200 to 800 meters. In addition, it is less risky about pest control and rough handling. Vietnam is the largest producer of it.

3. Economics

robusta coffee bean

According to supply, demand, and trade in the last 150 years, it has determined that Arabica coffee bean is much more superior to Robusta coffee bean. Arabica coffee bean has the highest quality blends as well as expensive.


But it does not mean that Robusta coffee bean is not good enough.

For instance, in Italy, home of espresso, Robusta is widely used. Because peoples are affectionate for their strength and crema. Many coffee shops contain a large portion of Robusta coffee. So, in the commodity market, the price of Robusta is almost half of the Arabica.

4. Looks

Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee

Arabica beans are oval in shape and larger in size. It is pronounced center folding. Again the height of Arabica trees is 3-4 meter long (10-14 ft).

On the other hand, Robusta beans are polar in size and smaller too. Robusta coffee tree is larger than Arabica coffee tree. It grows up to 10-12m (33-40 ft) in height. Moreover, the productions of Robusta beans are bigger than the Arabica.

5. Chemistry and flavor

At first, we know that coffee beans have various components such as acids, sugar, oil and so on. Both types of coffee beans have differences in the ratio. For instance, Arabica contains oils about 15% to 17% which is higher than Robusta. Besides this, other components like sugar are available in 6-9%. That makes Arabica sweeter.

arabica coffee brands

On the other hand, Robusta has less percentage of oil which is about 10-12% as well as sugar level is 3-7%. But it does not mean that Robusta coffee is not perfect. It has some specialties too. It has approximately double the number of chlorogenic acids and makes itself stronger tastes like cappuccinos. A mug of cappuccino can give you a good kick in your daily morning.

6. Characteristics

Both coffee beans have some individual characteristics. According to Arabica beans, it is more sophisticated in character. These beans are very low resistance to weather and can be affected by germs easily. Besides this, the process of cultivation is more specific.

In contrast, Robusta beans have high resistance to weather. The immune system is also high. In addition, it requires less cultivation process.

7. Caffeine content

robusta coffee brands

In caffeine content, there is a big difference between Arabica coffee bean and Robusta coffee beans.

Arabica coffee beans contain less caffeine compared to Robusta coffee beans. In a study, it has found that Robusta coffee has double the amount of caffeine (1.7%-4%). Furthermore, in an experiment, there is 140-200 mg caffeine exist 6-ounce average cup. Whereas, for Arabica coffee beans, it is only 75-130 gram.

Five Arabica Brands

Columbia Blend, Sudden Coffee, Maxwell House Coffee, Nescafé Classics, Mount Hagen and so on.

Five Robusta Brands

Death wishes coffee, Valhalla java, Bach Vietnamese coffee, Anni Coffee, Urja and so on.

Both types of coffee bean have some criteria individually. For Arabica coffee bean, it has amazing sweet and diversity flavors. But more expensive than Robusta. Additionally, for Robusta coffee bean, it is high yield and climate resistant. But it has less diversity option and unpleasant bitter taste. Above all information, it does not mean that “Arabica is better than Robusta.” Because Robusta is full of the potential resource. Farmer enjoys cultivating this type of bean.

So, you can have it according to your mood. Have a great cup of coffee.

Why Is Freshly Ground Coffee Taste better? Freshly Ground Vs. Pre-Ground Coffee

Freshly ground coffee

This is a top gossip topic among coffee lovers about the coffee bean, Is freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground or canned ground coffee? The person whose belief that “Fresh is always better” thus believe that freshly grounded coffee is better than all other coffee. Many will say that the opposite. But we believe that I can represent some facts about freshly grounded coffee and pre-ground coffee in this article, which will help you to understand that which is better actually and why?

Usually, we use pre-ground coffee to make our joyous cup of coffee. Because, we can get it easily from the store, which is ready to brew at any time. But do you ever wondered is pre-ground coffee healthy for you? What about freshly ground coffee? Are there any benefits if you use freshly ground coffee? Is freshly ground coffee has any benefits or is it only change the taste of your coffee? What is the difference between pre-ground coffee and freshly ground coffee, actually? Stick around and find out these fundamental answers by yourself from this article.

So, which one is better?

Well, the answer to this simple question can vary by personal taste. It is very hard to tell because everyone has different taste. But, after research from the internet and also from my personal experience, I can tell you the freshly ground coffee is better. Experts have strong evidence to claim that freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee. They often said that coffee needs to be freshly ground. Let’s have a look why freshly ground coffee is better according to the experts.

Expert suggests using the freshly roasted beans. The taste of a cup of coffee depends about 80 percent on aroma, which depends on the age of coffee bean. They said, if coffee sits for a long time, the taste of coffee will go stale. It is found that coffee bean has around a month of shelf-life after it is roasted. If you don’t use it within a month, you will never get its original aroma and taste. You may not aware that, coffee loses its taste because of aging day by day. The aging process comes from oxygen exposure, ambient heat.

Factors of aging the coffee bean

Oxidation, moisture, and CO2 depletion are the main factors of aging which results in stale the taste of the coffee.

  1. Oxidation: Oxidation gives your coffee its unique aromas and taste, but it will also carry on when you are not brewing. When you use freshly ground coffee instead of pre-ground coffee, you are actually making your coffee more tasteful.
  2. Moisture: As a coffee lover, you may know coffee oil is soluble in water, which is obviously a good thing. Because of this, we get the taste and aroma from coffee. But, when the coffee exposed to the environment, the moisture of the environment also can dilute the coffee beans, which degraded the taste.
  3. CO2 depletion: Improperly storing of coffee beans causes to lose the CO2 level, which is the main agent which transfers beans oil into the coffee. Grinding bean for a long time causes CO2 depletion and also makes the beans harder. Pre-grounded coffee loses its CO2 Level if it sits for a long time.

Except for all these points, there’s another thing you can consider to understand why freshly ground coffee is better. The thing is: When you grind your coffee beans freshly, you have the authority on grind size. As the grind size has important significance on taste, so it matters. If you instantly (freshly) ground your coffee bean, you can ground them as your required size for espresso, pour-over, latte, aero press, french press. For example, French Press needs more coarsely ground coffee, and most of the other coffee requires more finely ground coffee. So you can grind as your requirement. But, if you just buy pre-ground coffee bean, you will not get these advantages. Those points indicate that you should not buy pre-ground coffee. Besides, the cost of pre-grinded whole bean coffee is more than the freshly grounded coffee bean.

Experts suggest that you should use freshly ground coffee for brewing within 30 minutes after grinding. Because the grinding process increases the oxidation level in your coffee. Oxidation reduces the freshness and strength of the flavors. Always remember: Freshest coffee provides you with the best quality coffee.

To keep your bean fresh

freshly grounded coffee

  • Always buy freshly-roasted beans.
  • Use proper airtight storage containers to store.
  • Place the freshly-grounded beans in a dry and dark place and away from air, heat, moisture, oxygen.
  • Grind only the amount you need certainly. For a delightful aromatic cup of coffee, use coffee bean which has been ground within a week or two maximum.

You need a coffee grinder to grind coffee bean. So that, you can keep your coffee freshly-grounded all the time, and enjoy all of their aromatics. Then use a coffee maker to make your delicious coffee.

Now, let’s know some benefits of fresh ground coffee

freshly grounded coffee 2

Freshly ground coffee has a good number of benefits. I Hope, these tips will motivate you to use the freshly ground coffee rather than pre-ground coffee.

  1. It helps you to understand/know your coffee better. Freshly grinding coffee provides a unique way of experiencing the coffee beans themselves.
  2. This Increases the taste level so good. Believe me, using pre-ground coffee does not provide any flavors. Using new and fresh ground coffee obviously makes your taste level to the richest point.
  3. It gives a sweet smell, a cleaner cup of delicious coffee.
  4. We know, coffee has a lot of health benefits. From weight loss to cancer prevention, coffee plays a wonderful role for most people. The point is, in order to obtain the maximum health benefits from coffee, the beans need to be as fresh as possible. Freshly ground coffee provides you the maximum potential health benefits. Remember: The fresher the bean, the bigger the health benefits.
  5. Freshly ground coffee provides less pungent, smoky aromas and less bitter taste.



If you always use ready-made pre-ground coffee and never ever experienced the taste of freshly ground coffee, you are obviously missing the original aromatic flavor of the coffee. I guess, you currently do not know the difference. If you once start to use the freshly ground coffee, you will notice the taste and aromas are stronger and also more noticeable in your coffee. So, what are you waiting for? You should try it because of its high level of benefits and bolder aromas and deliciousness.

Best Alternative Coffee Filters | Coffee Filter Substitutes In 2020

Alternative Coffee Filter

I know the moment very well when a person gets run out of coffee filters. As a crazy coffee lover, I have frequently felt the worst situation. I felt desperate for an alternative to the coffee filter at that moment. Here, you may ask to buy a filter from the nearest shop. For your kind information, every time it does not work for all & every place. Even, on Sunday morning or evening it is quite impossible to get in the USA. I suffered a lot. That’s why telling you about easy alternative ways. Are you are facing the same situation right now? Have you run out of your coffee filter. Don’t worry. Here is a news to make you happy.  I’m going to discuss the best alternative coffee filter. The taste of filtered coffee is awesome and perfect. If you have experiences of brewing coffee before, then you are well known about coffee filtering.  Here, I want to request you not to choose anything like a coffee filter. People face so many problems to choose, as they haven’t enough knowledge.

Alternative Coffee Filters

Confusion & its mitigation about the best alternative coffee filter:

You may have found various types of coffee filters in the market. Undoubtedly, this is great. But, do you know what? This is the most concerning fact indeed. It will make you confused, what to choose and what not to. Moreover, you may be deprived of quality products. That’s why we are here to meet you with the right one. Keep going through this article, you will be benefited for sure.

Types of coffee filter substitutes:

Basically, there are two types of coffee filters. One is The paper coffee filter and the other one is the reusable coffee filter. Disposable filter is the alternate name of the paper coffee filter. It is the most popular one among all the brewing methods. The reusable coffee filter may be various types. Such as-

  • Cheesecloth alternative coffee filter
  • Mesh filter
  • Gold coffee filter
  • Stainless-steel coffee filter
  • Muslin cloth coffee filter
  • Metal coffee filter
  • Chemex coffee filter alternative

Although these alternatives are different in look, they work same.

Nice to know:

Which is good? It will depend on your situations that which one you will pick.  You should consider your ability to spend, need & quantity to brew coffee. You have to keep in mind that paper coffee filter has a short life-span. However, it is easily affordable. On the other hand, long life-span is the characteristics of the reusable coffee filter.

 Now come to the main discussion on best alternative coffee filters

Alternative coffee filter: paper

The paper filter is the most popular and easiest method. It has various sizes like one to six. The size depends on your brewed quantity. The smaller size is okay for one cup. Likely, larger size for multiple cups. Aroma is the most important thing in coffee. None like bad tasting coffee. Aren’t we right? So, this is a good news for you that the filter paper doesn’t spoil the test anymore. You will feel the real flavor & aroma. There is a great benefit of the paper filter. It can absorb oils from grounds and helps to maintain the cholesterol level. Even it is biodegradable & easily disposable. So, it has no harmful effect. Rather than it is eco-friendly. To get a smooth and tasty brew it has no comparison. This filter is for one-time use.

A paper towel filter:

No coffee filters in your kitchen? Can you use a paper towel as a coffee filter? Yes, a paper towel as coffee filters may be a superb alternative. If you do not have any other filter substitute in the home, you can shape it easily. Even, it fits accurately in the filter cup. In this case, double-poly toilet paper is better than one. As it is very thin, there is nothing to get worried & feel shy to use it. It is always available everywhere. So don’t worry to get it anytime. The great benefit of it is, you will find no mud on the bottom of the mug.


Never use highly heated water. Otherwise, it may tear & affect the taste. So, be careful in using the paper towel.


What do you think about cheesecloth as a substitute? It’s really a great alternative of coffee filter. Making cheese we use this Cheesecloth. Woven cotton(like gauze) is the making material of it. It can separate liquids from solids (and opposite)   You get it in different ranges & grades. If you want to make your coffee better, you should use the fine grade. As, through the finest grade, grounds cannot pass through. Most frequently, people use this cheesecloth as wine making, cheese making & printmaking. So, easily anybody can find it in the house. It works like the paper towel filter. But, it has a great benefit that it won’t tear. This is stronger than the paper towel.

Wire Mesh Filter:

Don’t you want any environment-friendly coffee filter? I’m sure that the answer will be “yes, of course”. Then, this reusable alternative coffee filter is just for you dear. If you get run out of coffee filters, nothing to worry. You have a permanent alternative of emergency coffee filter. Wow! Doesn’t it sound really fantastic? I am a proud user of it. It is very easy to wash. You can find it in the market in various sizes & shapes. Buy it as you need. Generally, stainless-steel wire mesh is available in the shop. And this maintains high quality at affordable prices.


Muslin is cotton cloth, but it is soft and lightweight. It is very easy & quick to use muslin as like as a cheesecloth coffee filter. Even you can clean it easily like cheesecloth. Don’t use any harsh scented washing powder to clean as it can affect the coffee. You just have to notice that the cloth has enough pore to pass through the coffee. Generally, women use it for making butter at home. It is reusable too. But don’t take any muslin cloth which you have used several times before. You have used once is okay. Otherwise, take new one which will be tightly woven & clean.

Gold Coffee Filters:

If you are able to afford gold as a coffee filter, then nothing to worry. It is everlasting and aristocratic. Expensiveness is the only one disadvantage of it. You can clean it easily like a stainless steel coffee filter. You may impress the fellow coffee lovers by this.

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Can I Use An Old Sock As A Coffee Filter? Yes, you are going to surprised to know that, you may use socks as an emergency coffee filter. This method is so old and popular. I know it is quite hard to believe. But believe me, it is absolutely true. It is an eco-friendly method. You can wash your socks easily and reuse it whenever you need. First, take the coffee grounds in socks. Place it in a  coffee mug. Then, pour with hot water and wait for a while. You may use also stockings & handkerchief. They also provide good services.

Cowboy Coffee:

Do you have any experience with cowboy coffee? It is them who don’t want to use any gadgets as a filter. It is an easy process. You just need coffee grounds, water, and a  kettle or pot. Boil the water, uses the required amount of coffee ground. Wait for a while to settle the hot mixture. Then, pour it to serve.

Instant Coffee:

This is the easiest one. You have no need to use any coffee filter substitutes. Even there is no need for any explanation. There is no need to use a filter. It will save your time. You just have to pour hot water with instant coffee.

How To Make A Coffee Filter Using A Paper Towel?

Let’s see diy coffee filter tutorial if you are looking for homemade coffee filter:

Well, here all the information is in front of you. Now it’s your turn to decide. Observe your own situations and choose the suitable one for you. Moreover, you may apply all of these alternative coffee filters for gathering experiences. For any queries please inform us. We will definitely help you. Stay tuned to and enrich you with all about coffee.


7 Natural Blissful Coffee Benefit for Skin and Hair

Coffee benefit for skin

“Black as the devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love.”- Charles Maurice De Talleyrand

Do you know about what this quote has been said?  Yeah! It says about coffee, our morning brew!

It’s true that without the fragrance of a hot cup of Joe, we cannot start the day properly. As like this, it has some real coffee benefit for skin. Without its antioxidant power, our skin is unable to rouse and boost up.

It is scientifically proved that, when we are drinking raw coffee (without sugar & creamer) 3 to 5 times a day, your body gets thousands of benefits from drinking coffee. Caffeine helps in keeping our body healthy from the inside. Likewise, many uses of coffee grounds help to stimulate our skin. Maybe you have a question on mind “How to use coffee scrub?” Here I’ve disclosed the benefits of coffee scrub on skin with the recipe for our skin and hair problems.

01. Use coffee for silk shine smooth skins

coffee for silk shine smooth skins

Our skin cells are always producing a protein called Collagen. Collagen helps to keep the skin’s density, consistency, and elasticity that make the skin bright, plump and young. In our younger age, our skin can produce more protein automatically. But after 40 its production would be reduced. Our skin looks faded, toneless and aged.

In this circumstance, DIY coffee scrub works like ‘Sweet as Love.’ you can use coffee for skin glow. It helps to exfoliate the skins. Follow the below instructions 2/3 times in a month, and it will help your skins boost-up.

Ingredients for Making Scrubber: you will need

  • Coffee grounds: 120mg (warm).
  • Organic Coconut oil: 10ml (Also can use olive oil or carrier oil which is handy for you).
  • Sea Salt: 2.5mg.

How to apply

  • Keep all these 3 things in a small mixing bowl.
  • Mix all evenly by a dry spoon.
  • Applying this scrub in your whole body; especially, the dry skin area like elbow, knee, leg, hands.
  • Gently massage then let it stay for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water and take a shower.

Applying it will help to clean the slough with the dead cells and leave it purely refreshed and re-energized.

02. Coffee lip scrub for darker lips


coffee lip scrub

The combination of coffee, lemon juice, and honey works like angle hand to repeals darkling lips and dark spots on your skins. You will back pigment lips color and skin by using this coffee scrub regularly. You can make this scrub by following these instructions-

  1. Fine ground coffee- 7.30ml (1/2tbl spoon)
  2. Honey- 7.30ml (1/2tbl spoon)
  3. Lemon Juice- 20ml (required unit depends on making a thick liquid paste.)

Using Method-

Using this paste on your blemishes and spotted skin area and lips for treatment. Massage this scrub evenly in the affected area for 2 minutes then leave it for stay 10 to 15 minutes to absorb properly in the skins. Wash out with normal water.

Repeat daily one time as long as the skin and lips pigment remove and get back to its own look.

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03. Coffee benefits from lessening under dark eye circles and eye bags

dark eye circles and eye bags

Under eye Dark circles:  There are many reasons for this problem: lack of sleep, hormonal fluctuations, seasonal allergies, and dehydration, genetics and medicine reactions.

Under eye Bags: This under eye bags or tired, puffy eye or swollen eye also has appeared for the same reasons.

These make you look more aged than you really are. However, when you have coffee, no need to worry about these issues. Your brewed java can reduce de-puff under the eye by its anti-inflammatory compound. It possesses caffeine. Since coffee has diuretic which can drain away extra fluid from the fat cell, it helps to reduce eye bags. Caffeine can also stimulate blood flow. That helps to minimize darkness. You can apply coffee and honey eye mask. This following coffee ground eye mask is the best home remedy to cover these problems.

Ingredients of eye mask for the puffy eye: you will need

  • Coffee powder (fine grounds): 10gm
  • Carrier oil: 5ml Jojoba / Coconut oil (any handy one)
  • Honey: 2.5ml
  • Water: As per required for making the paste.

Applying Instructions-

Keep all ingredients in a small ceramic bowl.

Blend all these properly to make the paste.

Apply gently on the under eye darkness and de-puff area.

Stay 20minuets for properly absorbed.

Wash it slowly with luke-warm water and cotton ball.

Apply this serum every day until reduce the eye bags.


04. coffee grounds scrub for cellulite/dimples reducing  

coffee grounds scrub for cellulite

When fatty tissue takes place under the skin’s surface and exhibits the dimples, these are called cellulite. This fatty tissue pulls down the skins around it. Thereby, it’s causing the scratches and dents on the skin’s surface. Most of the women and some man are affected by the dimple in the skins especially on the hip, thigh, buttocks, and arms. That’s why women feel embarrassed to wear some clothes.

Be patience, when you have the coffee, no need to be anxious. Coffee is exactly as it is ‘Black as the Devil & Pure as an Angle.’ The coffee ground has a rich volume of caffeine. So, you can use coffee for skin tightening. It stimulates the blood flow under the closer skin surface. Its abounded antioxidant components make the skin taut, smooth, supple and jovial looking. Coffee grounds are highly exfoliated if you applied topically, that helps to reduce the dimples. Here you will get the instruction for the DIY Coffee scrub for Cellulite.

Ingredients for scrubber

  • Coffee Powder: 120mg (Fresh coffee grounds, not use the De-café or refilled mash)
  • Coconut oil (organic raw oil): 60ml (also can use Olive oil or Neem oil)
  • Sugar / Sea Salt: 60ml
  • Water: As per needs to get perfect thickness.

Using Instructions:

  • Mix all contents evenly in a small bowl.
  • Rub the mixture in the cellulite area to cover it.
  • Need to do harsh massage (up and down for 5 / 6 minutes) using knuckles.
  • Keep it at least 15 minutes to absorb the moisture properly
  • Clean it by warm water or taking a shower. No need to use soap.
  • Apply it every day before shower until reducing the cellulite.

You will see results after 3 weeks. And to get the better results, you have to be patient for a few months.

05. Coffee benefit for the skin to fight with free radicals

benefits of drinking coffee for skin


Always our body has to fight against the reactive molecules, known as ‘free radicals.’ Free radicals are the cause of increasing dead cells, premature aging in pregnancy and plump up your skin cells lipids. Hydrocinnamic acids are serviceable at resist to free radicals which helps to repel oxidative stress. You can get it easily by drinking coffee. Coffee has plenty of polyphenols, hydrocinnamic acids, loads of antioxidants and useful multiple nutrients.


06. Benefits of coffee to repairs rosacea and UV damage

coffee skin care uv damage


Rosacea is one kind of skin allergic reactions owing to sunburn. You see redness and feel irritation in your skin. While UVA and UVB radiation are the causes of oxidative stress and skin damages. That time your coffee works against them like ‘Black as the devil, Hot as hell.’ Therefore, using the coffee face mask with coffee drinks is very useful to solve this problem. Coffee has gamma, tocopherol vitamin E, which protects our skins against UV-damage. Moreover, it has a lot of anti-oxidant, anti- pigmentation, anti-inflammation, anti-cancer components. All these help to make exfoliation of skins with blood circulations and reduce redness and inflammation to prevent sunburn and rosacea problems. You will get excellent skin tone.


07. Benefits of coffee grounds on the face for Glowing Skins

benefits of coffee grounds on face

We mentioned before that, the anti-oxidants of coffee helps to remove the dead cells from our skin. Its caffeine helps to flow the blood and stimulate the dull, tired skin. The acidity of java helps to make the skin a more protective obstacle. Besides, drinking coffee, applying of coffee facial mask benefits also unremarkable. You can use coffee for skin whitening. By preventing the pores, this coffee face mask will give you a glowing skin.

Coffee Facial Mask

  • Fine grounds Coffee: 20gm
  • Brown Sugar / Epson Salt: 10gm (any one of these items)
  • Coconut milk: 5gm
  • Lemon Juice: 4/5 drops
  • Yogurt: 2 tablespoon

Using Method

  • Mix all ingredients well enough to make the paste. If needed then uses water.
  • Applying it on your face.
  • Massage in gentle circular motion for 1 minute.
  • Stay 20 minutes to absorb properly.
  • Wash slowly by using the flow of water.

To get good results, apply it 3 times a week in the first month. The second month is being said twice a week and from the third months recommend to use it once a week.


08. Benefits of coffee for hair growth

benefits of coffee for hair

Coffee becomes your ‘Sweet as Love’ when you know how it can stimulate your hair volume with silk shine appearance. Just drinking a cup of java cannot be beneficial in this case, to get the benefits of coffee on hair direct application of coffee is also needed. Coffee has a lot of antioxidants like Vitamin E, caffeine, eugenol, isoeugenol, caffeic acid, scopoletin, gamma-tocopherol, p-coumaric acid, scopoletin, and tannic acid. All these are helpful for exfoliating and making ample blood circulation of the hair scalp. It eliminates hair loss and helps to grow healthy, silky, shine colorful hair. The method is given below.

  • Fresh coffee grounds: 40mg.
  • Henna powder: 20mg (Optional)
  • Egg: 1pc (take only white fluid)
  • Yogurt: 20mg (Optional)
  • Water: To make a fine paste
  • Disposable hand Glove
  • Toothbrush
  • Shower cap

(The increase or reduction of ingredients ratio will depend on the hair volume.)

Wear old cloth and cover your shoulder by using a towel. Wear the hand gloves before mixing all ingredients evenly by a toothbrush. Make it as so as to mimic the consistency of a cream. Using the brush apply the coffee mixture from the root to the top of the hair. Apply it to the whole head from one side to other. Use a shower cap to keep it for 20 min to 2 hr. If coffee fluid rolls down your face, clean it with soap and water immediately. Clean the messy hair by water.  Then rewash hair using your regular shampoo. You can use this mixture of coffee for hair dye.

Tips for getting good results

  • Egg, Henna & Yogurt all are optional. To get a good result, you can use them.
  • Make sure your hair is oil-free before applying it.
  • Use shampoo a day later, if you can bear its smell.
  • Apply it twice a month.

About to know the benefits of coffee grounds this video will help you.

In the end, let’s go back to our starting line. Which raises the question in your mind that, what is the relationship between that quote and the coffee benefits for skin?

Yes! There is a deep connection between the quote and the coffee benefit for skin.

According to the needs of our skin, coffee is fighting against diseases like the devil. Sometimes the coffee melts all small fatty tissues like hot fire. On the other hand, coffee is developing new cells such as its purity, so the skin is filled with healthy sweet love.

Drinking Black Coffee with Honey Benefits

Black coffee with honey benefits

Drinking coffee is better for health especially the black coffee. It has lots of nutrients and it is a major source of antioxidant. So if we drink it in the right way we can get lots of benefits. We know from ancient times honey is used to cure various health problems. So together, black coffee with honey benefits can make the best drink that can be so helpful for our health.  Here you will know about the benefits of both black coffee and honey that will help you to know about the health benefits of drinking them together.

Let us start with the benefits of drinking black coffee:

Boosts memory

boosts memoryAs our age increases, we start to lose the cognitive ability and we have more risk of having different diseases. If we have a cup of black coffee in the morning, it helps to enhance the function of our brain and makes it more active. If a person drinks black coffee regularly he has 65% less chance to have Alzheimer’s disease and 60% less chance of Parkinson’s disease. Black coffee with honey can enhance this chance a lot.

Improves energy before exercise


If we take one cup of black coffee before exercise, it will help to improve our energy level. It helps to increase our Adrenaline level in the blood that helps to break the fat cells in our blood and make more fatty acid cells that boost energy.

Extremely good for our liver


Black coffee with honey helps to protect us from liver cancer, hepatitis, and also from the problem of fatty liver and alcoholic cirrhosis. If a person drinks 4 or more cups of coffee a day, he has 80% less chance to develop a liver disease. Coffee helps to prevent harmful lever enzymes.

Cleans the kidney

kidneyIt is a diuretic beverage that can make you urinate more. You may help to clean the bacteria and toxins in the form of urine and can clean your kidney.

Morning Coffee to lose weight

If you take coffee 30 minutes before your work out then it can boost your metabolism by around 50%. It burns the fat and stimulates your nervous system to burn the fat that helps to lose extra weight.

Helps to improve cardiovascular health

A regular black coffee drinker has less risk of having cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Full of antioxidant and vitamins

It is the powerhouse of antioxidants. You may get lots of vitamins like B2, B3, B5, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Decreases the risk of diabetes

Regularly drinking black coffee decreases the chance of having diabetes. It also helps to control diabetes and increase the insulin production level.

Reduces the risk of cancer

The compound of Coffee helps to prevent certain types of cancer like liver, colon, breast, and rectal. The ingredients of coffee also reduce the inflammation that is the main reason for developing the tumor.

Coffee can make you smart

The ingredients of Coffee contain a psychoactive stimulant that improves mood, energy and cognitive functions.

Reduces stress and depression

Coffee has the elements to reduce depression and stress. Black coffee with honey benefits enhances the strength. In your workplace, if you have to go under huge work pressure you can have a cup of black coffee when you need to refuel your brain. It improves moods and helps to fight against depression. It also can save yourself from suicide tendency.

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Check Some Black Coffee From Amazon

One of the most popular sweeteners people use with coffee is sugar, but many people also use some other sweeteners and honey is one of them. If we compare honey with sugar we will see that honey has more calories. A teaspoon of honey contains around 21 calories whereas the same amount of sugar has 16. But considering other factors it might be better to take honey than sugar so black coffee with honey is better than normal coffee.

Honey has both glucose and fructose. Glucose burns easily but Fructose doesn’t burn quickly and it more likely turns into fat. The second reason is table sugar has disaccharides that are broken down into glucose and fructose and it takes a longer time to burn. So if we compare we clearly can say that black coffee with honey benefits is better than having coffee with sugar.

We can add more benefits of honey in coffee than the sugar as a sweetener.

  • As honey is sweeter than sugar so you can use less honey than sugar.
  • Sweetener of honey will burn faster and will not be stored in your body.
  • Honey has a less glycemic index that has less effect on the blood glucose level.
  • Honey regulates blood sugar
  • It cures the problems of a cough and throat irritation
  • Enhance the performance of athletics
  • Fight against bacteria and fungi
  • Fight against ulcers and gastrointestinal problems
  • To prevent cancer
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Improve the beauty of skin.
  • enhance minerals that include Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphate, Potassium, Sodium chlorine, and Sulphur
  • enhance vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C

Considering all the points of black coffee and honey we can clearly say that black coffee with honey benefits can be the best choice for the coffee drinkers. Both have lots of good results for our health and together both of them can make the best drink for health.

Espresso vs Coffee Beans: What’s the Difference Between Coffee and Espresso?

Espresso vs Coffee beans

What do you like? Coffee or Espresso? Now, you may probably think that what’s the difference between Coffee and Espresso, right? If you do not have any idea about what makes brewed coffee differ from espresso coffee, then this article is for you. What is your opinion about the espresso beans and coffee beans, actually? Maybe you’d say, they’re both coffee, after all, and both the coffee and espresso are made from the same coffee beans. Yeah! You got the exact point. Many will agree with you but actually, they have some differences.

Trust me, if you drink normal black coffee instead of espresso, you will find the difference. Because the taste of a black coffee is totally different than espresso.  Now, you can also claim that, So what! Each coffee should taste different. It is their normal characteristics. Yep! You caught me again. So, the question remains: Are they really same or different? So, it’s time to clear up your confusion about coffee beans vs espresso beans.

Actually, there is no big difference between espresso and coffee beans. Coffee beans are simply known as beans. The only difference between coffee beans vs espresso beans is the brewing method. Generally, Coffee and espresso have two species, Arabica and Robusta. But, both are still coffee bean which is used to make coffee by using a variety of methods. The main difference between Arabica vs Robusta bean is the plants and beans, and the usage of these beans varies to make variety of coffee. Arabica coffee bean has light and more redolent taste but the taste is bitter compared to the robusta. Robusta bean has higher caffeine content and basically, the robusta bean is used to make espresso.

Espresso Beans vs Coffee Beans 2

Let’s learn about the types of coffee Roasts

Coffee beans are usually processed into four stages. It depends on the time that the beans are roasted. The Four stages are:

  • Lighter roasted coffee bean, 
  • medium roasted coffee bean,
  • medium-dark roasted coffee bean,
  • dark roasted coffee bean.

If the light beans are roasted for a long time, they become dark bean. Dark bean has stronger flavor. The light bean contains more caffeine than the dark coffee bean.

Roasting Process

The roasting process is a very important factor for coffee beans because the roasting process elicits the coffee oil and sugar and affects the taste level of the beans. The beans that are roasted in high temperature and the amount of time ascertain the roasted level of coffee, from light bean to darker bean.

Temperature has an impact on reducing acid levels. Hot brew methods that will reduce acid are: French press and Chemex. The cold brew method will remove more acid. In addition, you can even make the non-acidic coffee at your home. You can enjoy the decaf coffee which is less acidic coffee, where the most amount of caffeine has been removed to make it healthy. Decaf coffee has 8 to 14 mg of caffeine, whereas, normal brewed coffee has about 70 mg of caffeine.

  • Lighter roasts beans give more kinky flavor.
  • Medium roasts beans provide mixed acidity and balanced flavor.
  • Darker roasts offer a lower amount of acidity and bolder flavor.

Note: When the coffee beans are roasted, they lose some weight, beans may lose more than 90% of their water in the means of vaporization. Due to the loss of their weight, the beans fibers expand, and the beans grow in size.

Which is better arabica or robusta?

We want to recommend you not to use Robusta Bean. Robusta beans have more acid and higher caffeine content. Try using Arabica coffee beans; the low acid coffee brands. These beans are harder to grow due to their delicate structure, which gives them a smooth, rich, sweet taste with less acid and caffeine. Choose a darker roast coffee for coffee heartburn relief. Arabica coffee beans are reduced acid coffee. Low acid instant coffees are French, Espresso, Dark Italian. A longer roasted coffee bean will generally have more acid burned off by destroying the coffee oil. Plus, you will experience wonderful, complex flavors found only in the darker roast. Change up your brewing method. Actually, it is said that the main difference between arabica and robusta are acidity and caffeine level. Which makes Arabica coffee beans better for any kind of coffee.


Best High-Quality Coffee Beans


Do you know how much caffeine in a coffee cup? One cup of coffee (8 fl oz) contains 95 Mg of caffeine. Once ounce of highly condensed coffee beans in the form of espresso provides you 3 calories energy. Here’s a list of Some high-quality best coffee beans:

  1. Maxwell Coffee
  2. Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
  3. Folgers Classic Roast
  4. Caribou Coffee
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts
  6. Nescafe 3 in 1
  7. Eight O’clock
  8. Café de Colombia
  9. Mr. Brown coffee
  10.  Tim Horton Coffee
  11. Costa Coffee
  12. Kenya AA Coffee.


Now, let’s learn what is espresso beans?

Espresso Beans

There’s no special definition of espresso bean, actually. There are no distinct plants which produce espresso. Espresso coffee beans generally referred to as the darker roasted bean, that’s why espresso has bolder flavor compared to light and medium roast bean. The question is, isn’t espresso a coffee? Yeah, obviously. Coffee is a liquid beverage extracted from the bean. So, You can get a cup of espresso coffee by using the robusta or arabica coffee beans.

Note: Due to high caffeine content, Robusta is suitable for making a shot of espresso.

There are various methods available by which you can prepare coffee. Such as the French press, pour over coffee and more. All I want to say that you can prepare a cup of espresso from any coffee beans. So, the bottom line we can tell that “All espresso is coffee, but all coffee is not espresso”. Espresso bean is not different from the usual bean, although roasters have some special processes of roasting the beans to espresso level or profiles.


Can you make espresso with regular coffee beans?

So, as we understand that espresso is as same as regular coffee beans. Maybe you might have a question that can you make espresso with regular coffee beans? The answer to this question is: YES, You can. Actually, you can use any type of coffee beans to make espresso (taste may vary). But, here’s the deal. You need to know which is the best coffee beans to make espresso. Because you won’t get the best shot of espresso until you do not use the best beans although you have the best espresso machine. If you don’t know what will be the best bean for espresso, Don’t worry. Here’s the list of coffee beans that you can use to make espresso.

  1. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans
  2. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso
  3. Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso
  4. Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso
  5. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee
  6. Stumptown Hair Bender
  7. Kicking Horse Coffee 454 Horse Power
  8. Blue Horse 100% Kona Dark Roast
  9. Lavazza Crema e Gusto
  10. Death Wish Coffee.


So, now you know the basic definition, classification of coffee roasts beans and Espresso beans. Although there’s no special difference between these two, take a look to understand the summary and fundamental differences between these two beans.

Espresso vs Coffee Beans

Espresso Beans vs Coffee Beans


Coffee BeanstEspresso Beans
Coffee beans refer to any kind of roasted bean which is ready for brewing.Espresso beans refer to the darker roasts level.
Dark roasted beans extracted its dark color with shiny, oily coffee surface.Espresso beans make darker brown colored coffee.
Light coffee beans offer you a distinct flavor. Different coffee beans provide you different flavors.Espresso beans offer you the flavor you want.
Lightly roasted beans do not have an oily surface. Coffee beans are great for mild-flavored varieties.Espresso beans have a bold flavor. It is best for making extreme-flavored varieties.
Medium roasted beans provide you strong brew.Espresso beans provide you rich cream, that increases your quality espresso coffee experience.


The difference of coffee beans vs espresso beans regarding brewing process or system, amount of caffeine, roasting process:

coffee vs espresso

Attention: The internal data of table “3” is corrupted!


Although, regular coffee and espresso have different taste and different flavors, drink whatever you prefer or which type of coffee you are in the mood for drinking. Drinking a cup of coffee is a different experience than drinking a cup of espresso. Drinking coffee or espresso can depend on the occasion and brewing method. A big mug of pour-over coffee is perfect to drink in the late morning, an espresso is best after a meal and in the afternoon.


So! Above the discussion of this article, you understand that the coffee beans and espresso bean is the same. In the end, we can see that everything depends on your taste, timing, fragrance etc. In order to have perfect coffee, you have to select your preferable coffee bean. If you always prefer strong coffee, then espresso will be the best match to your preferred list. To choose your coffee bean, this article will help to increase your knowledge and find the perfect one according to your taste. So, next time you can choose easily your preferred coffee bean.

12 Healthy Ways to Sweeten Coffee (Updated 2020)

Healthy ways to sweeten coffee

Coffee is the most common beverage to keep your mind fresh all day long. It takes care of your mind and health. Coffee contains antioxidants and other effective and useful nutrients which are very helpful to prevent weight gain and diabetes. But, the health benefits of coffee equal to zero if you add spoonful of sugar.

Ways to Sweeten Coffee

Although, it is obvious that sugar can sweeten your coffee but it is also sure that the mixing of sugar in your coffee isn’t so sweet for your health. So, you may want to know what can you put in coffee instead of sugar? If you want to switch the sugar to some artificial or natural sweeteners, you can use honey or maple syrup. These sweeteners will help you to keep up the benefits of your coffee. These natural sweeteners (Sugar In Fruit or Fructose) are not so harmful to your health.

Here I am going to talk about 12 healthy ways to sweeten coffee without sugar. So, let’s learn about the healthy things to add to coffee for sweetening without sugar.

Which type of coffee is good for your health?

Is it healthier to drink coffee black? Of course, the healthiest way to drink your coffee is Black coffee without sugar. Drinking black coffee twice in a day prevent “Parkinson’s disease.” Black coffee without sugar has benefits like weight loss, boosting memory, improve work performance also beneficial for the liver, Improves cardiovascular health and decreases diabetes risk.

This article will also answer the question like what is the good and healthiest sweetener for your coffee? So, lets know how to sweeten coffee without sugar.

So, let’s know about some healthy ways to sweeten coffee

1. Sweeten Coffee With Honey

sweeten coffee with honey

You may have the question in your mind that “Can I sweeten coffee with honey for health benefits?” There is a tendency that people think honey can be used for tea and sugar for coffee. Trust me, if you mix honey in your coffee, it will taste delicious. These nutrients give the essential and important vitamins and minerals to keep your body strong and healthy.

So, because of its different nutritious options, you can substitute sugar with honey in your coffee.

2. Sweeten Coffee With Maple Syrup

Sweeten Coffee With Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is also a natural sugary sweetener like natural honey with lots of health benefits. It contains calcium, potassium, zinc, and manganese. These natural nutrients neutralize dangerous germ and free radicals and oxidative damage. Darker Grade B maple syrup is recommended because it contains more beneficial antioxidants than lighter maple syrup.

3. Best Tasting Stevia for Coffee

Best Tasting Stevia for Coffee

People know stevia as a sugar substitute. It comes in powdered form, that’s why many people think that sweetleaf natural stevia sweetener is an artificial sweetener. Actually, it’s not like that. Stevia is actually a plant extracted from South American “Stevia rebaudiana” plant. There have four types of stevia as follows:

  • Green Leaf Stevia
  • Stevia Extracts
  • Altered Stevia Blends
  • Stevia Powder

Best green leaf stevia plant has zero calories and it is like 300 times sweeter than sugar. 100 percent pure Green stevia powder extract doesn’t affect the blood sugar level, so it is not a threat for diabetics. Add only half a teaspoon in your coffee and adjust your desired taste. Make sure the level of the box before buying.

4. Coffee With Coconut milk, Sugar, Cream

Coffee With Coconut milk

Yes, coconut cream is also a good sweetener substitute than refined-sugar. Generally, coconut juice is used for hydration, coconut oil as an oil substitute, coconut milk is used for those people, who are lactose intolerant. Nowadays coconut cream is used as a sweetener. It has a low glycemic load and the fructose level is the same as sugar. A spoonful of coconut cream contains about 50 to 60 calories of natural goodness. Coconut milk contains various types of vitamins like vitamin B, C and E, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. If you learn Coconut Milk Coffee Recipe, it will also help to burn fat. Many ask that Can I use coconut milk as coffee creamer? Yes, you can use it. How to Make Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer? See This Video:


5. Date Paste in Coffee

Sweeten Coffee With Dates

Dates are also awesome sweetener. You can use date paste in coffee in order to sweeten your coffee without sugar. You can either make date paste or you can buy ready-made date-paste. Dates also contain some essential nutrients materials like copper, iron, manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6. In addition of date paste in your coffee, you will get extra fiber and also fruit flavor.

6. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

unsweetened cocoa powder

You can also use a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder in coffee to transform your coffee into a cup of chocolatey mochas. Cocoa has a good number of health benefits. It reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Remember one thing: do not use cocoa powder too much.

7. Coffee With Almond Milk

Coffee With Almond Milk

Research shows that Almond milk contains more calcium than cow’s milk with less dietary fat. Almond milk varieties, like vanilla almond milk and honey-sweetened almond milk can add more flavor than regular cow’s milk. The nutty flavor of the milk gives you a natural flavor.

If you dislike almond milk, you can try Peanut milk, banana milk, and pea milk.

8. Coffee With Cinnamon

Coffee With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is usually used in lattes and golden milk. But, it can work with coffee without sugar too. A little bit of fresh cinnamon powder provides strong and incredible flavor. It is said that cinnamon can boost metabolism and also reduce inflammation. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with four tablespoons of coffee. Sometimes, cinnamon stick in coffee can be a different experience. So, Apply the cinnamon flavored coffee recipe to have the taste.

9. Coffee With Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate as sweetner

Using dark chocolate with coffee is the favorite option for latte lovers. Or, if you want to move one step forward than cocoa powder, drop a portion of dark chocolate into your steaming cup of coffee. After melting the chocolate with your coffee, taste it. Believe me, you won’t forget the taste of the combination of dark chocolate with coffee. You can also try dark chocolate coffee beans for better sweetening experience.

10. Vanilla Extract to Sweeten Coffee

Vanilla Extract

You can also add vanilla extract to sweeten your coffee. It is the best option for all vanilla-flavor coffee lovers. Add a few nips of vanilla extract to your coffee that will give you ultimate flavor and taste. Although, it doesn’t sweet as compared to sugar, it will give you an elegant taste with a sweet aroma. So, use the best vanilla coffee recipe as a natural sweetener.

11. Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup is an awesome sweetener. Recently, it is found that the best Yacon Syrup is used as weight loss supplements and that’s why its popularity is increasing day by day. It is very useful due to its high amount of soluble fibers. It has high fructooligosaccharides level, which feeds the good bacterias in the intestine.

12. Cherries to Sweeten Coffee

Cherries to Sweeten Coffee

Cherries can also be used with coffee as a coffee sweetener. Add some cherries with your coffee. Cherry will give you the natural sweetness and also fruity flavor.


I know, drinking coffee with preferable flavor and with desired taste is a big deal for every coffee lover. But, your health is also a big deal. Sugar isn’t good for health.

So, Now you know the answer of how to sweeten coffee naturally. Try these above mentioned healthy ways to sweeten coffee. After a lot of research, we find honey is the best sweetener among all of them of them. Since these ways are without refined-sugar, these have less health risks. Hope, these healthy ways will help you to cut the sugar in your coffee. Moreover, these will give you the desired taste and aroma of your every joyful cup of coffee.