Why Is Freshly Ground Coffee Taste better?

Freshly ground coffee

This is a top gossip topic among coffee lovers about the coffee bean, Is freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground or canned ground coffee? The person whose belief that “Fresh is always better” thus believe that freshly grounded coffee is better than all other coffee. Many will say that the opposite. But we believe that I can represent some facts about freshly grounded coffee and pre-ground coffee in this article, which will help you to understand that which is better actually and why?

Usually, we use pre-ground coffee to make our joyous cup of coffee. Because, we can get it easily from the store, which is ready to brew at any time. But do you ever wondered is pre-ground coffee healthy for you? What about freshly ground coffee? Are there any benefits if you use freshly ground coffee? Is freshly ground coffee has any benefits or is it only change the taste of your coffee? What is the difference between pre-ground coffee and freshly ground coffee, actually? Stick around and find out these fundamental answers by yourself from this article.

So, which one is better?

Well, the answer to this simple question can vary by personal taste. It is very hard to tell because everyone has different taste. But, after research from the internet and also from my personal experience, I can tell you the freshly ground coffee is better. Experts have strong evidence to claim that freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee. They often said that coffee needs to be freshly ground. Let’s have a look why freshly ground coffee is better according to the experts.

Expert suggests using the freshly roasted beans. The taste of a cup of coffee depends about 80 percent on aroma, which depends on the age of coffee bean. They said, if coffee sits for a long time, the taste of coffee will go stale. It is found that coffee bean has around a month of shelf-life after it is roasted. If you don’t use it within a month, you will never get its original aroma and taste. You may not aware that, coffee loses its taste because of aging day by day. The aging process comes from oxygen exposure, ambient heat.

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Factors of aging the coffee bean

Oxidation, moisture, and CO2 depletion are the main factors of aging which results in stale the taste of the coffee.


Oxidation gives your coffee its unique aromas and taste, but it will also carry on when you are not brewing. When you use freshly ground coffee instead of pre-ground coffee, you are actually making your coffee more tasteful.


As a coffee lover, you may know coffee oil is soluble in water, which is obviously a good thing. Because of this, we get the taste and aroma from coffee. But, when the coffee exposed to the environment, the moisture of the environment also can dilute the coffee beans, which degraded the taste.

CO2 depletion:

Improperly storing of coffee beans causes to lose the CO2 level, which is the main agent which transfers beans oil into the coffee. Grinding bean for a long time causes CO2 depletion and also makes the beans harder. Pre-grounded coffee loses its CO2 Level if it sits for a long time.

Except for all these points, there’s another thing you can consider to understand why freshly ground coffee is better. The thing is: When you grind your coffee beans freshly, you have the authority on grind size. As the grind size has important significance on taste, so it matters. If you instantly (freshly) ground your coffee bean, you can ground them as your required size for espresso, pour-over, latte, aero press, french press. For example, French Press needs more coarsely ground coffee, and most of the other coffee requires more finely ground coffee. So you can grind as your requirement. But, if you just buy pre-ground coffee bean, you will not get these advantages. Those points indicate that you should not buy pre-ground coffee. Besides, the cost of pre-grinded whole bean coffee is more than the freshly grounded coffee bean.

Experts suggest that you should use freshly ground coffee for brewing within 30 minutes after grinding. Because the grinding process increases the oxidation level in your coffee. Oxidation reduces the freshness and strength of the flavors. Always remember: Freshest coffee provides you with the best quality coffee.

How to keep your bean fresh?

freshly grounded coffee

  • Always buy freshly-roasted beans.
  • Use proper airtight storage containers to store.
  • Place the freshly-grounded beans in a dry and dark place and away from air, heat, moisture, oxygen.
  • Grind only the amount you need certainly. For a delightful aromatic cup of coffee, use coffee bean which has been ground within a week or two maximum.

You need a coffee grinder to grind coffee bean. So that, you can keep your coffee freshly-grounded all the time, and enjoy all of their aromatics. Then use a coffee maker to make your delicious coffee.

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Benefits of fresh ground coffee

freshly grounded coffee 2

Freshly ground coffee has a good number of benefits. I Hope, these tips will motivate you to use the freshly ground coffee rather than pre-ground coffee.

  1. It helps you to understand/know your coffee better. Freshly grinding coffee provides a unique way of experiencing the coffee beans themselves.
  2. This Increases the taste level so good. Believe me, using pre-ground coffee does not provide any flavors. Using new and fresh ground coffee obviously makes your taste level to the richest point.
  3. It gives a sweet smell, a cleaner cup of delicious coffee.
  4. We know, coffee has a lot of health benefits. From weight loss to cancer prevention, coffee plays a wonderful role for most people. The point is, in order to obtain the maximum health benefits from coffee, the beans need to be as fresh as possible. Freshly ground coffee provides you the maximum potential health benefits. Remember: The fresher the bean, the bigger the health benefits.
  5. Freshly ground coffee provides less pungent, smoky aromas and less bitter taste.

How long does freshly ground coffee last at room temperature?

It basically depends on the storage condition. If you can keep it dry cold tightly sealed packaging, you can keep the quality at room temperature for 1 to 2 weeks.

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Should ground coffee be refrigerated?

Storing ground coffee in the refrigerator is not a good practice. Storing it in the fridge can create excess moisture or temperature fluctuation & as a result it will ruin the taste of coffee. The best place to store ground coffee is in your pantry. If you want to use it 2 weeks after purchase, you can store it in the fridge.

Fresh Ground vs. Pre-ground Coffee


If you always use ready-made pre-ground coffee and never ever experienced the taste of freshly ground coffee, you are obviously missing the original aromatic flavor of the coffee. I guess, you currently do not know the difference. If you once start to use the freshly ground coffee, you will notice the taste and aromas are stronger and also more noticeable in your coffee. So, what are you waiting for? You should try it because of its high level of benefits and bolder aromas and deliciousness.

Best Coffee for Acid Reflux (Low Acid Coffee Brands)

best coffee for acid reflux

Coffee, a common drink of millions of people in the world who love to drink and enjoy it with all of its flavors. But unfortunately, the actual fact is that coffee plants have Chlorogenic acid inherently, which is stored in coffee bean too. Among the plant territory, the coffee plants contain the highest amount of Chlorogenic acid. So, the coffee bean is congenitally acidic, but trust me, this is not the bad thing at all. Actually, this acid gives coffee the strong taste and the flavor which help you to freshen up. But everybody cannot endure the acid. And you can take some best coffee for acid reflux which are low acid coffees brands. There are some acid free coffee too.

 Does coffee cause acid reflux?

Here, you can get the answer of coffee heartburn relief. The downside of this acid is that some may experience the burning sensation in the chest like heartburn and annoying side effects with acid reflux. As the popularity of coffee increases, it increases the suffering of some people and acid reflux symptoms too.

But what is the way out now? Would you stop taking the most popular drink? No need! Keeping these people in mind, there are many famous coffee brands  on the market besides the high acidic coffee, which are called low acid coffees or acid free coffee. These would help you to reduce acidity of your stomach and control GERD.

Let’s share some more foods for your betterment, that is responsible for acid reflux. Those are-Chocolate, spices in cooking, banana, ginger, egg white, melons, peppermint etc. You may control the intake of those food. Let’s have a look to some Low Acid Coffee

6 Best Coffee for Acid Reflux for 2020 (Low Acid Coffee Brands)

Coffee without acid is not available. But here you can get the information on several types of low acid decaf coffee brands- And you can get the answer that how to get rid of acid reflux. Let’s know about some low acid brands of coffee.

Puroast Best Coffee for Acid Reflux  


  • There is no bitterness and however, is low acidic coffee
  • 7 times more antioxidants than that of green tea.
  • It is clean and smells a little bit mellow.
  • 70% lower in acid.
  • It is an organic French roast which is much darker than others and of intense flavor.

Tylers Acid Free Acid Free Coffee Brands

  • Organic coffee as “A Bee Organic”
  • First and Only Acid free coffee
  • Comes from Mexico.
  • Made in a scientific process from the beginning.
  • There is no added flavor that is easy for your stomach.

Folgers for Acid Reflux

  • Originated in New Orleans, Louisiana. People love this specially for its nice aroma and smoothness on stomach.
  • Medium Roasted with blended sweet aroma.
  • The coffee can be available in single serve, k-cup pods and instant packet.
  • Specially prepared for heartburn problems and quite comfortable on stomach.

Java Planet for Acid Reflux

  • It is an Arabica coffee which is best low acid organic coffee and originated from Colombia.
  • The coffee is medium roasted which can be suitable for all types of preferences.
  • The flavor is intense with dark cocoa and chocolate taste.
  • As it is medium roasted, the coffee is mildly acidic and exciting.

Healthwise for Acid Reflux

  • Organic coffee originated in Colombia and best low acid brews
  • It is less acidic and prevents coffee heartburn.
  • Healthwise coffee reduces the acid level of the coffee products by an industry method named “techno roasting”. It is used to preserve the vitamin, minerals, antioxidants, which would be lost during the traditional way.
  • Moreover, the coffee flavor is very mild and helps to reduce the acid reflux.

Mommee Coffee

  • During pregnancy and nursing, a mother opts to reduce the caffeine and keep a diet plan for a better feeling. So Mommee coffee is specially marketed for the women to use in their maternity.
  • It is the medium roasted coffee.
  • Additionally, you can find the coffee 5 times less Chlorogenic acid than others.
  • You can find a chocolate note, nutty seasoning as well as gentle sweetness.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

With the simple way you can say that the GERD is the problem of the acidity or heartburn or stomach problem. In the medical term we can say that GERD, that is a indigestion which affect the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), part of the stomach. In daily life you have to control this with a balanced diet and ideal food habit. Otherwise no permanent treatment is available here. Some types of elements trigger the problem more such as caffeine.

How Does Caffeine affect GERD?

Here is no certain  strong evidences about the negative effect of the caffeine on GERD but coffee and heartburn is related. However people with GERD sometimes complain of problems after having coffee or taking caffeine in other way. In other way we can say that every individual has different effect on GERD with different foods. Among these, some may have the discomfort after taking caffeine.  So for their satisfaction they can have the decaf coffee on their daily diet to reduce coffee GERD problem.

Coffee and Heartburn: The Causes of Acid Reflux

Inherent Acid of Regular Coffee

Coffee does not only produce Chlorogenic acid in its element, but it also triggers the acid production in the stomach too, which will cause a heart burning sensation. The low acid ground coffee is the best for that problems.

Coffee with Caffeine

Another acidic element in coffee is the caffeine. Moreover, who are not sensitive about acid, may have the delicacy with caffeine. avoid hyper-caffeination by drinking those. Stomach pain and irritations are the main acid reflux symptoms. It triggers the heartburn.

Coffee Oil

Coffee oil slows down the digestion process of the stomach. This apparently leads to acid stimulation and causes heartburn. The coffee oil effects those much who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 

Still have confusion? Then go through this –

What the Science Says of Coffee Heart Burn?

As usual, science has put the major blame to combination of elements rather than one single element. The thing is that the most complex bean which substitutes many other important atoms include pyrogallol, chlorogenic acid,  N- hydroxytrptamides and alkanoyl- catechol etc. The availibility of just chlorogenic acid doesn’t trigger acidity in coffee. The heartburn increases when the chlorogenic acid mixes with the pyrogallol or alkanoyl- catechol. Especially the prevalence of a combination of those ingredients can trigger the heartburn most. One single element may restrain the acid production with the help of other elements.

Can I Drink Coffee with Acid Reflux?

Most people are concerned about their acidity problem and finds the way out control even with drinking coffee. Because, for them, coffee is a must drink to keep themselves awake and strength to do work for long time. Since there is no any coffee without acid, here is the solution for them. The low acid level contained coffee can be healthy during acid reflux. These products are made for that specific reason that heartburn problem can’t be instigated by coffee.

What is Low-Acid Coffee?

The coffee designed and processed with the removal of any kinds of elements that trigger the acidity is called low acid coffee. You can manage coffee by different processes. Follow the procedures below that help to produce the low acid coffee; the best coffee for acid reflux.

How to Reduce Acid in Coffee?

Now it’s high time to explain how you can manage the coffee to avoid acid reflux and reduce with acid in the coffee or take low acid coffee or decaf coffee with maintaining the quality.  By these procedures you can stop coffee heartburn.

Use Arabica Coffee Beans


Don’t use Robusta Bean. Robusta beans are high acid coffee and higher caffeine content. Try using only Arabica coffee beans; the low acid coffee brands. These are the best acid free coffees. These beans are harder to grow due to their delicate structure, which gives them a smooth, rich, sweet, taste with less acid and caffeine. High acid level is not supportive for irritated stomach and indigestion. Arabica bean is a low acid content.

Choose a Darker Roast Coffee


Choose a darker roast coffee for coffee heartburn relief. It turns in to reduced acid coffee by removing the organic acid.  A longer roasted coffee bean will generally have more acid burned off by destroying the coffee oil. Plus, you will experience wonderful, complex flavors found only in the darker roast.

Use Cold Brew Method

Change up your brewing method. Temperature has an impact on reducing acid levels. Cold Brew methods that will reduce acid to 65% are, French press and Chemex. It reduces the acid by extracting the flavor by mixing it with cold water. You can heat it to warm up coffee later because the acid already has neutralized during brewing. The cold brew method will remove more acid to get rid of coffee heartburn relief. And in addition, you can even make the non-acidic coffee at home. It can reduce the acidity of bean to 77% than a hot brew does and it happens with the same beans.

Use Coffee Tamer

You can use Coffee Tamer in your favorite coffee brand to neutralize the acid in coffee. Moreover, it does not work like antacid medicine rather it is preventive and reduces around 90% acid of coffee. Surprisingly, Coffee tamer doesn’t let your stomach digest the acid and solve digestive disorder. Basically it reduces the acidity of coffee. Those who have sensitive stomach should regularly drink  lower caffeine content.

Drink Organic Low Acid Decaf Coffee


Many people ask that is decaf coffee acidic or alkaline? The answer is no, you can drink the decaf coffee with acid reflux which is less acidic coffee or free of acid, where the most amount of caffeine has been removed to make it healthy. Low acid decaf coffee has only 8 to 14 mg of caffeine, whereas, normal brewed coffee has about 70 mg of caffeine. These are stomach-friendly for soothing angry stomachs or upset Stomachs.

Put Crushed Egg Shells on Coffee

Crushed egg shells are another element, which can help to reduce the acid in coffee. The eggshell is an alkaline chemical. Thus it can reduce the acid of coffee beans. Mix it with the ground coffee. Make sure to rinse off the eggs properly before doing that.

Some Other Facts

Low acid instant coffees are; French, Espresso, Dark Italian. Coffee produced in low and parallel areas contain less acid from those of hillock areas. Here are some best low acid coffee brands for those who suffer from acid reflux.

Coffee and heartburn may be related to some extent for a sensitive person for acidity. So, you can choose among them to meet the craving for coffee. Just for coffee acid reflux, you don’t need to minimize the craving. Trust me, you can relish the coffee without the sufferings.

How to prevent coffee heartburn?

The biggest effort to prevent coffee heartburn is to change the lifestyle. If you can prevent it by identifying other causes of heartburn, you can also reduce coffee heartburn. Here are some tips from experts on lifestyle changes:

  • Trying to lose weight
  • Using a high pillow in bed
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime
  • Exercise

Tips for avoiding coffee heartburn

  • The habit of drinking coffee before going to bed at night should be completely avoided. In other words, if you lie in bed after drinking coffee, it will interfere with digestion in the stomach.
  • You should refrain from drinking coffee after eating heavy meals. Lunch is usually heavy and often we eat high-fat food. Therefore, it is better not to drink coffee after eating this type of food.
  • To prevent coffee heartburn, you need to make sure drinking low caffeine coffee which is proven to reduce heartburn problems.
  • Most coffee is Sun-Grown and it grows fast but Shade-Grown coffee is a bit expensive but good for health. Therefore, those who have problems with coffee heartburn should drink coffee that uses low acidity Shade-Grown beans.