Chemex vs Pour Over (Hario v60) – Coffee Brewer Comparision

For many years, most of the people made their coffee by heating ground coffee in a pot with water. It became a standard brewing method. Gradually, making a great cup of coffee has grown significantly in recent years. The addition of a paper filter is a huge innovation of that. People are no longer to taste the same type of brew every day.  Now they have options to sort out what type of coffee is suited most. However, the pour-over brewer is an essential part of the kitchen. The pour-over brewing method is best for producing superior-tasting coffee. Now it’s time to compare two premiers pour-over brewers such as the Chemex vs Pour Over (Hario V60).

Chemex vs Pour Over

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

Pour-over coffee is a classic coffee method where you have only a cup, a filter, a funnel and your hand to get in the way without any machine. It is doing by hand. It is made with hot water hand-poured over the grounds coffee in a filter. This process is like a drip coffee maker where you can control the flow of water. For instance, here you have to pour a slow and steady stream of hot water over the coffee grounds whereas you can have a full-flavored and delicate cup of coffee instantly. You will not get this taste from other drip machine or French press. Moreover, it is also known as filter coffee or drip coffee.

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Hario V60

Pour over is a time-tested method where Hario V60 is the most popular model. Hario is a Japanese based company whose name means King of Glass. At first, the company began to make laboratory glass products. After that, in 2004, they introduced Hario v60  Transparent glass Coffee Dripper. Later on, it comes in many colors and materials such as ceramic, glass, copper, and even plastic models. Till today, the company is making lab equipment as well as home and kitchen devices.

However, it has given the name V60 because of its perfect 60-degree angle of the cone. It creates its renowned signature V shape. It combined with the spiral ribs on the top to the bottom surface of the cone. Moreover, it also offers water to flow just right as well as ground coffee to expand optimally. Furthermore, the cone sits is large compared to most other brewers. Thus, it can control the rate of water flow.

Overall, V60 is a fantastic brew method. It is easy to clean up. Hario V60 02 offers to brew coffee for 1-4 people whereas Hario V60 01 offers 1-2 people. It is the perfect platform for experimenting your personal preference. So anyone can enjoy amazing tasting coffees.

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you see the Chemex coffee maker is simply wow. It is a rare combination of a beautiful and unique design.  This superb glass brewer was invented by the chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm Ph.D. in 1941. Their head office located in Western Massachusetts. It is remained untouched for 70 years and still going on. The company has received several awards for its design and science. And even you can find it in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

It is a heat-resistant glass vessel that is made in the shape of an hourglass.  It has a small ridge that serves as a spout. Moreover, it is also decorated with a heat-proof wooden collar around its pinched waist. Additionally, a leather band is tied for convenient handling. It plays like a smooth carafe for serving once the coffee is brewed and the filter is discarded. The company makes several different models where some of them have a handle. Additionally, the function of the Chemex is quite similar to the pour-over. Although some variations produce an entirely distinct taste. Its extra-thick bonded filters made it more special as well as help to extract the flavor of any roast. Again, it removes much of the body and coffee oils which help to regulate the flow of coffee. It keeps the flow of water in slow motion while passing it. Ultimately bring the best result out of it. It can hold up to 3 to 10 cups of coffee.

Hario V60

What’s the difference between Chemex vs Pour Over (Hario V60)?

Grind size

It is a classic debate between Chemex and V60 for coffee lovers. The grind size for the coffee beans is playing the major factor here. At first, Chemex has been designed for a medium-coarse grind. Nevertheless, it is also forgiving in case of finer or coarser grind.  On the other hand, for V60 pour-over, the combination of a fine grind and a slow pour creates the strongest coffee.


The main body of Chemex is made of glass that makes it extremely sturdy.  It follows the nominal space between the filter and the funnel. Here coffee exists through the bottom of the funnel. Although it is not portable.  On the other hand, V60 is quite compact in design. It comes in a cone or flat-bottom styles which allow brewed coffee to exit through the sides of the filter. After that, it falls to the bottom of the funnel. Also, it is portable too.


Both devices are using a paper filter. But there is a distinction about the thickness of the paper. The Chemex uses thicker filter paper compared to the V60. It doesn’t allow any sediment to pass. As a result, we found a clear brew. However, the filter paper of the V60 is a little bit of thinner which can differentiate the final taste of the coffee.

Brew time

Usually, we go to work in the morning. Most of the time we are in a hurry.  So it is important to see how much time it will take to brew the coffee.  Since the filter paper of Chemex is much thicker, so drip of coffee into the cup at a slower pace. Approximately five to six minutes will be fine to brew the coffee. In contrast, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for brewing for V60.

Ease of Use

Convenience depends on some factors like set up, clean up and portability. Both brewers need a particular branded paper filter. You can get Chemex paper filters easily whereas V60 is also a popular one. So the filter papers of devices are available.  You can brew larger batches through Chemex instead of one cup. Chemex is better to share with the maximum number of people. Nonetheless, V60 offers not more than 2 cups of coffee. Likewise, due to the shape of an hourglass, Chemex needs extra time to wash. On the other hand, V60 gets a quick rinse.

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Which one should you buy: Chemex vs Pour Over?

The Chemex and V60, of them, are almost the same with some nominal differences. Both of them are pour-over coffee makers and making great coffee. Besides, they are easy to use and require specific filter paper. Very often, I have been asked which is the best for which coffee, but I would rather advise you to find which variables matter to you. For instance, in the case of Chemex pour-over, it is the perfect combination of function and design. But also makes it the one you want to leave out for guests to see. Because it is an art, no doubt. Besides, it offers to brew multiple cups at the same time through clear, bright coffee from the thicker filter.

There is no plastic particles here. On the other hand, in the case of V60 pour-over, it has some advantages too. For example, it is cost-effective. Those who are conscious about the budget can easily choose it. However, you can take complete control of a customized cup of coffee. You can have it in your outing plan too, except the ceramic and glass models. It is easy to clean.

So lastly but not least, both of them are good. You can choose it according to your tastes, flavors, and preferences.

Happy brewing!

Coffee Maker with Water Line in 2020

The change in the coffee machine is noticeable with the change of time. Plumbed coffee makers have their water supply facility. For this reason, it is possible to distinguish coffee maker with water line from all other coffee makers.

In a traditional coffee maker, you have to refill the water frequently. On the other hand, Plumbed coffee makers have an automatic water refill system. So, this can be a great solution for regular painful water filling.

Coffee Maker with Water LinePlaces where plumbed coffee makers needed:

This type of coffee maker is usually perfect for greater use. Therefore, Plumbed coffee makers are very useful in the office or university. But you can also use it at home if you have a habit of drinking coffee frequently.


In an office, employees are required to drink coffee every day. A meeting is not perfect if there is no coffee at the office meeting. Therefore, there is always a need to have water at the office coffee machine. Since many workers work, they need a lot of water. Many people can drink coffee all day in the office. So, the plumbed coffee maker plays a very effective role in that location.


If there is no coffee arrangement at the wedding or on the birthday, the invitation is left unfulfilled. In a ceremony where many people come together for a limited time, it’s important to have a Coffee Maker with a Water Line system in community centers.


For those who do restaurant business, Coffee Maker with Water Line is a must. This type of system is an easy solution for customers to serve coffee at the fastest time.

Here we have mentioned 2 coffee makers with water lines. So, let’s see what the models are:

Brew Express BEC-110BS:

It is an auto-filling Coffee System. Since it has an instant hot water delivery system, you don’t need to wait for the water to heat up. It has 10-cup Thermal Carafe for keeping your beverages hot. The carafe is cleaning friendly with a beautiful outlook. 10 cup coffee at a time can be perfect for a meeting. Its Adjustable Cup Selector helps to get your desired amount of coffee.

Keurig K150:

It is a Commercial Coffee Maker. You can easily operate it because of having a colorful touch screen. You can easily adjust the brew temperature. Since it has auto on-off settings, you don’t need to worry about on-off. Its three different languages made the brewing instructions more convenient for non-English persons also.

Pros of Having a Direct Water Line

You do not have to spend your precious time and labor on pouring water. If there is a direct water connection, the water will automatically fill up as much water as you need. Built-in tubes have clever engineering technology that allows water pressure to be regulated as well as automatic filtering of water.

The biggest advantage of this is that the quality of the coffee remains unchanged due to the quality of the water. At present, many advanced coffee makers have the advantage of water line extension kits.

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Cons of Having a Direct Water Line

There are some advantages to use any item, as well as some disadvantages. You will need the plumber’s help to set it up. However, if you study and research, you can set the coffee maker yourself.

If you are wrong with your installation, your water filter or coffee maker may be damaged. So, you need to spend some time and money to install it properly.

Coffee maker with water lines Buying guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying this type of coffee maker so that your plumbing experience becomes good.

Type selection:

There are different types of plumbed coffee machines in the market. There are hybrid type machines on the market also that can make espresso as well as brew coffee. So, if you have a space crisis, you can avoid the hassle of buying two machines separately.

On the other hand, if you want to make high quality espresso or brewed coffee, your choice should be different. So, considering your overall situation you need to choose the type of coffee maker.

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When buying a plumbed coffee maker, you need to think about the structure of the machine and the combination of water line points in your home. In some cases you can connect the machine directly to the water line. On the other hand, if you want to connect indirectly with the water line, you have to think about the plumbing budget.

Size of brewing:

There are various brew size coffee machines in the market from single cup to full size carafe. So, if your family is small or you do not drink coffee frequently, you can buy a single cup machine. On the other hand, if your family is big or drinks coffee frequently, you can buy a commercial grade coffee maker. So, before buying a coffee machine, be sure about the brew size of the coffee.

Do I need safety precautions for Coffee Maker with Water Line?

The service quality of a plumbed coffee maker depends on pure water. Municipal water contains lots of germs and chemicals. Contaminated water spoils the taste of coffee and leaves the coffee maker dirty.

So, after a few days’ intervals, you should clean your coffee maker. The best solution is to have a water filter along with a coffee maker.

The plumbed coffee maker can be a smart choice for a large family. Moreover, this coffee maker is perfect for offices, business centers or shops.

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Problems of a directly plumbed coffee maker

There is a problem with using a plumbed coffee maker to set up a water line. Water pipes and power sources should be kept in mind when setting up a plumbed coffee maker.

If the machine is not installed properly it is likely to be damaged. Therefore, if you are unable to install it yourself, you need the help of an experienced plumber.

Maintenance of a coffee maker with water line

As there is a lot of water supply in the plumbed coffee maker, you will need to descale with vinegar after some time. Besides, you will need to do regular descaling to get rid of coffee oil buildups.

Best Plastic Free Coffee Makers (Review 2020)

If your favorite coffee has a plastic flavor, it should never be fun. You buy a nice looking coffee maker with stainless steel wrap but it has a plastic smell that can never be accepted. So, of course you should use any of the best plastic free coffee makers in the market.

Plastic Free Coffee Makers

Plastic contains various types of toxins that are harmful to your body. Therefore, you should now use a plastic-free coffee maker to avoid your health risks. The water reservoir that is inside the coffee maker basically has a touch of water for a long time. When the temperature is high, the molecules of water and the plastic molecules come together to produce the odor.

So the healthiest coffee maker’s water reservoir has to be stainless steel so you can get rid of this problem.

What is the problem with the Plastic Coffee Makers?

Are plastic coffee makers are bad for you? Yes, plastic coffee makers are not only unhygienic but also bad in smell.

Plastic is made of toxic material that is extremely dangerous to the body. A variety of disorders such as obesity, Type II Diabetes, Fertility, and Reproductive problems can occur in the body as a result of the food consumed in the plastic container.

Due to this, the use of plastic in food products is banned in many countries. What kind of plastic is used in coffee maker? Plastic coffee makers usually use two types of deadly components, phthalates, and BPA.

  1. These phthalates are mainly used to make plastic last longer. This material can cause birth defects by creating a hormonal imbalance in the body.
  2. BPA, on the other hand, is a type of organic synthetic compound responsible for cancer attacks. Many manufacturers say that they use BPA-free plastic but in that case, they may use alternative ingredients like BPS instead of BPA which are equally risky.

Therefore, it is better to use stainless steel or ceramic products instead of plastic products for hot coffee drinking.

Top Plastic Free Coffee Makers in 2020

If you are confused choosing the best plastic free coffee maker, here is the shortlisted models for you.

Behmor 5393 Brazen Plastic Free Coffee Maker

This BPA free coffee maker has a water reservoir and heating element on top so hot water is released over the showerhead and then goes to ground. Since its heating chamber is stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about disassembling. Because it is scaa certified, it is a quality product.

French press stainless steel

The specialty of this model is that it is made in double-wall design so that the inside will be hot and the outside part cool to the touch. It can be used as chocolate or fruity infuser in addition to coffee making. Since it is made of stainless steel, the processing conditions inside cannot be seen. This is why beginners use may take some time.

Coffee Gator Pour-over Brewer

This product can be unique if you want to make your home a coffee house. Its specialty is that it is not paper filter oriented. It has dual layer micro-mesh reusable and eco-friendly filter, which is much longer-lasting than the paper filter.

This product will relieve you from extra waste and worry about the filter being exhausted. It has an hourglass-shaped carafe but must be used with care.

Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

This non toxic coffee maker is made entirely of stainless steel, the bottom part of its main chamber is made of small aluminum, so the coffee is sure to stay warm.

Its power cord is removable and can be easily used on the table. It has easy to pour spout facilities so the coffee can get the right force. This model is perfect for those who miss the traditional design in the modern age.

This product’s filter basket and park tube are both made of stainless steel, which is made of aluminum in many brands. This stainless steel BPA free coffee maker brings a luxurious touch with hotel-style design.

Bialetti Moka Express

This model is certainly an exception when compared with other non plastic coffee makers in terms of design because it is made in an octagon shape.

This model would be perfect for you if you want to drink coffee like the Italians. Italians usually use gas stoves instead of electric stoves, and you can use it in electric stoves as well as gas stoves.

Since the handle of the Bialetti Moka Express is plastic, you need to be a bit careful when using it. The Moka pot works just as an espresso maker does. You can get the Real Espresso Test in under 5 minutes with this Bialetti Moka Express.

If you brew a half pot it will be a problem because you have to fill the coffee chamber completely. So, if you like Strong Coffee and brew for yourself then 3 cups model will be right for you and if you need for two persons then you can take 6 cups model.

OXO On 9 Cup Barista Brain Coffee

This model is SCA Certified to deliver gold standard flavor & rich coffee. The double-wall stainless steel insulated thermal carafe can keep the coffee warm for about two hours. Because of the Better brew system, time and temperature can be controlled properly.

It also has Rain Maker Shower Head which helps to handle the water properly on the coffee grounds. It has an intelligent microprocessor monitoring system with an easy wakeup timer setting, cup size determination and brewing control.

Since this machine takes 15 minutes to heat the water, it will be somewhat problematic for those who like a quick brew. On the other hand, since the machine is a bit larger in size, you have to consider space.

Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Breville’s Coffee Maker has Precision Brewer technology that allows PID controllers to easily control the temperature. It has a Dual Filter Baskets system so the filtering will be excellent.

It has Auto ‘Steep and Release’ technology, so it is convenient to brew in long cups. Its value is much higher than other coffee makers but its effectiveness is much higher.

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FAQs For Plastic Free Coffee Makers

How to Identify BPA in Coffee Makers?

In the place where water and coffee bins are stored for a long time, it should be ensured that it is plastic-free.

The bottom of the carafe is usually made of polycarbonate plastic. When referring to the number 7 or PC engraved at the bottom of the carafe, it is assumed that the plastic material has been used.

You can also contact the manufacturer to be completely sure about the usage of plastic.

Coffee makers that are known for being BPA-free (Non Toxic)

What is the healthiest coffee maker? Any coffee maker which is plastic free can be considered as healthiest coffee maker. You can choose anyone from the following list:

  • Stovetop Espresso Maker: If you are a fan of Espresso, you can use a food-safe stainless steel Stovetop, Espresso Maker.
  • Percolator: Most popular coffee Percolators are made of stainless steel. You can easily operate it with plug-and-play functionality.
  • French Press: This is a somewhat old-style Plastic free coffee maker. It is usually made of stainless steel. But you need to be sure that its cork lid is made of stainless steel.

7 Best High End Espresso Machine in 2020

high end espresso machine

Do you take coffee several times a day? Do you like to explore the different aromas of espresso coffees? If yes, then I believe you are a true coffee lover. For an espresso lover like you, buying a high end espresso machine could be the right decision then.

The machine helps you wish to enjoy the delicious coffee yourself at home, as well as it saves you from the extra cost.

I believe that at the end of this article, you will find the perfect espresso coffee machine along with the list of fun tips for you. So, stay with us until the end.

There are several types of espresso machines you may find in the market In this image you get an idea about these types of coffee machines. I will discuss them later because I know most of the coffee lover wants to know the details of the machines to get a perfect shot of coffee with excellent flavor from there morning brew. So, let’s have a look at the following best espresso machines- 


category list of espresso machine

I. Types of the high end espresso machine

There are 2 types with 3 categories and few brands are given below.

The main performance of the espresso machine shows by espresso creme. Most of them do not offer “crème.” But, the crème is considered the grand part of the espresso which makes it so delicious and expresses the preference of best quality espresso machine –

Have one from following that goes with your desire. The details of all types and categories for understanding to choose your preferred one –

01. Steam Driven Espresso Machine

Early espresso machines were operated on this steam-driven process. Some of these are still around. It is a steam pressure system gives the force of water to grind coffee. It does provide a strong coffee with a burnt flavor.

Above all, this steam-driven machine is cheaper than the pump-driven machine. If you are a real coffee lover on a tight budget, we recommend you to buy this one.

02. Pump driven espresso machine

This pump-driven is work by using the electric pump. It gives more water pressure through the ground coffee. So, this type of machine always gives you the taste of real espresso with crème. Here need to mention that this device has two exclusive categories of espresso machine details that are as follows-

  • Semi-automatic espresso machine

It is called semi-automatic because of its operating system. Most of the steps are needed to do manually. Only a few are automated. Most of these types of machines are worked by Easy Serve Espresso Pod (ESEP).

That has port filter baskets which pressurize and continuously brewing coffee. It has auto temperature pressure systems on water. The steam, pump and water flow are adjustable. That can be controlled with user preference. If the person has barista skill; who want to acquire his favorite coffee shop’s flavors at home can go through it.

  • Automatic espresso machine 

Someone with barista-like skills would also like to taste the different flavors of coffee by using the best home espresso machine that grinds beans. The automatic espresso machine is best for them.

  • Super Automatic Nespresso Machine

The Nestle S.A is a Swiss multinational company which is the manufacturers of the Nespresso coffee machine. The Nespresso Capsules system exceeds the automatic espresso machine to “Super Automatic Espresso Machine.”

This machine is for those who spend a busy life and want to drink a quick espresso on the go. A Nespresso machine is famous to the consumers, because of its compressed, user-friendly, auto control and straightforward system. There are two types of device found in the Nespresso machine.

  • Nespresso Original Line

the most seen categories of Nespresso machine. It is compact but user-friendly. If you are looking for a handy high-end original line coffee maker.

  • Nespresso Vertuo Line

It is perfect for making espresso and other regular coffee as well as others. In a word, it is very simple to operate the best home espresso, maker.


II. The Top Picks of Best Espresso Machines Are Given Bellow-

01. Mr. Coffee ECM-20 Steam Espresso System With Milk Frother

This is one of the best Steam Driven Espresso Machine. Using this ECM20 coffee machine, you will get dark and rich espresso brew. Its frothing gives you the creamy milk foam on the top of your cappuccinos and lattes. Besides this, it’s giving up to 4 full cups coffee at a time without refilling water. In addition, this model has an easily removable and washable drip tray and coffee container. Along it includes measuring tools and scoop.


02. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville BES870XL is the Pump-Driven Seme-Automatic Espresso Machine. Its 15 bar is the best Italian espresso machine. It has the heating system of 1600WT thermos coil. It also has the 2-liter removable water reservoir with handle. Identically it has 0.5lb capacity 110 – 120 volts sealed bean hopper. It has adjustable water temperature too. In brief, this Breville BES870XL is the best choice of super value semi-auto machine with grinder. You can use whole coffee beans for freshly ground coffee to brewing delicious espresso coffee. Its included accessories are –

Water filter and holder, Stainless Steel Milk Jug, 54mm stainless steel portafilter, single and dual wall filter baskets, Coffee Scoop, Combined tamper, Cleaning disc, tablets, and brush, tools, and Allen key, Razor-dose timing tool. Here you find all the features in a single espresso machine.


03.Classic Gaggia Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

It is one of the perfect espresso makers with lattes and cappuccinos for its milk frothing systems. Otherwise, you can also say it Americano coffee maker for its hot water dispenser. You can also make tea with it if you wish. It includes a water reservoir. To get consistency quality thick layer of crema you can use both single and dual filter baskets. It also has measurement scoop and tamper. The cup warmer is perfect for heating up your cups. Its easy controls feature light show you when the classic is ready for a brew. You need to install the internal sleeve manually in the correct way by protruding the lower part of the outer sleeve.

Do you have time to show your barista-like skills to get the best taste, quality, and flavor from your coffee maker?

Then consider all things, these semi-automatic espresso coffee maker brands are perfect for you. You will get the final touch to buy a high-quality grinder with it.

04. Delonghi – Magnifica ESAM 3300 Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

Delonghi – Magnifica ESAM 3300 is one of the best Automatic Espresso Machine. It is the best cappuccino machine for home. It has a frothy; which can make rich and creamy milk froth. It has beans container where instantly burr grinder grinds beans. Also, it’s a rotary, and push-button control panel makes it user-friendly.

05. Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum

Jura 15068 Impressa C65 is a platinum color smart Rotary one-Switch operating system. This super automatic coffee machine not only espresso maker but also a latte maker. It has an adjustable coffee spout with the superfine milk foam frother system. You can use this foam the top of the Cappuccino and Latte coffee. It has stable dimensions and an inflexible element with the combination of prominent clean lines. You can get product guarantee, complete protection, and hygiene clarifications from original Jura.

So Turn, press, and enjoy a perfect cup of espresso by its one-switch operating system.


06. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, Black

It is the best-selling homemade coffee machine. It’s a Cadillac of single-serve espresso coffee machine. A coffee lover who would like to have a coffee at any time can go for it. Because of its small and portable nature, it is easily adjusted in any space of your interior. Inissia has a big water tank which helps to make almost eight espresso coffee by using two types of the adjustable small and big cup within 25 seconds. It also has 10-16 capsules. In conclusion like to say that, you are only able to prepare the regular coffee and espresso by it.

07. Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker 

Nespresso VertuoPlus is one of the best vertuo line personal Coffee and Espresso Maker. It is very simple to operate. Also, the large water tank can make 18 – 20 espresso coffee at a time. Also, it has 20 capsule capacity trays. Especially its auto-off system is a high energy saver. It is easy to set up at any place at home and apartment. Above all, this machine is convenient for barista skill persons.

Are you busy in life and give priority to the experience?

Above all, you should use the best coffee beans for superautomatic espresso machines. Then, this machine is convenient for barista skill persons. So, these super-automatic espresso machines could be the right choice for you.


You could read the best coffee beans for espresso  

Before buying an espresso machine you should consider the information given below-

III. Essential Elements of the Top Rated Espresso Machines

The excellence, tastes and, the flavor of the coffee depends on the quality of coffee beans, along with excellent and easy cleaning system of the accessories of good espresso maker. You can find out the top-rated high end espresso machine by these following elements-

  • Replaceable and Durable Parts.
  • Three types of Boilers in an espresso machine that are made of-
  1. Stainless Steel,
  2. Aluminum and,
  3. Brass.
  • The heats up Faster
  • User-Friendly.
  • Easy & Safe design.
  • Accessible and adjustable External parts.Easier to Clean

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Espresso Machine?

Almost all Espresso Machine features are close. Even then, there are some things to keep in mind before buying an Espresso Machine. Let’s find out then which benefits should have in a Perfect Espresso Machine.

Grinding Capacity

There are two types of grinders in Espresso Machine, built-in or separate grinder. Usually super automatic machines have built-in grinders. If you need to brew in a large amount, you must have a high capacity grinder. It is better to have a built-in grinder system for ease of use, but the goal should be to have the facility to automatically drop the grinds into the basket. Otherwise, you need to manually drop the grinds into the basket.

Frothing Capability

If you are a fan of lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, you must have an espresso machine. To prepare this type of drink, you have to froth pressurized milk.

All types of espresso machines have a frothing system. So before buying, make sure that the product has Frothing features also.


There are usually two types of espresso machine: steam-powered or pump-powered. Since, steam-powered machines create inconsistent pressure, espresso shots become substandard.

On the other hand, since the pump-powered machine has consistent performance, so the temperature control experience is relatively good.

list of fun with espresso

IV. List of coffee tips make at home by these machines

Above noted, all things considered, now you get the final decision to buy your best personal home espresso machine.

As a beginner or an expert, it is equally important to know the list you can prepare by using this coffee maker. Alongside you need to use the best espresso coffee brand.  When you brew different types of coffee in your regular coffee machine, then it will be a barista expert coffee machine for you.   Here is some list of barista experience fun for you!

  • Cappuccino

Cappuccino is the Italian origin espresso-based coffee. Overall it contains from bottom to top 1/3 cup of espresso; 1/3 cup steamed milk and 1/3 milk foam.  You can sprinkle chocolate chips or cocoa or cinnamon powder on the top hence to get the look and flavor of coffee shops.

  • Café Latte

In a word, Cafe Latte is based on 2/3 of heated milk, 1/3 of rich espresso, and 1cm milk foam with or W/T latte art.

  • Café Americano

Café Americano is a more prominent cup of 110ml, or latte mug is 2/3 of hot water then pours 1 shot of espresso.

  • Dry Cappuccino

It is containing less milk then more foam with the same shots of rich espresso-like regular cappuccino.

  • Café Breva

Breva is an American variation of latte. It makes by half steamed, and half heated milk or cream then pour by milk foam slowly pour rich espresso then put more foam on the top.

  • Mochaccino/ Coffee Mocha

Mochaccino is same as regular Cappuccino. Only adding chocolate syrup together with cappuccino gives the specialty of Mochaccino.

  • Café Macchiato

This Cafe Macchiato has another Italian name “Stained coffee” means coffee with a spot of milk. Use a tiny amount of milk (ratio of 1:4) in an espresso.

  • Espresso Con Panna

It is an Italian coffee. It’s another name is “Cream with Espresso.” It can make by both the double or single shots of espresso with the whipped cream topping.

  • Frappe / Frappuccino

Frappe is the origin of England made by the combined of cold espresso with ice and milkshake.

  • Hammerhead Coffee

Generally, this Hammerhead coffee is a robust and delicious espresso coffee made by the fresh grind coffee bean. It is brewed by one-shots of espresso filled by a cup of dripped coffee.

During the daily working days; sometimes, we face a dreary afternoon or sleepless twilight’s. Then a cup of exceptional self-made coffee will be enough to enlighten you. you can brew it by your high end espresso machine.

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V. How does the Label/Tag help a person’s?

One of the common mistakes made by the unaware customers is when they look for the “Best”; “Better” or “Super” labels’ or Tags in the coffee machines. Basically, they think these Tags are to show the difference in quality between the various brands of espresso coffee machine, That’s are high end. Moreover, this tag is not used to identify superior brands. It is to find the one which suits you. Hope this article will help to find out the best home espresso maker together with the barista twist for you.


VI. The Final Analysis

In summary, we can say, for a yummy coffee we need to depend on a quality brand coffee machine. Only an excellent high-end espresso machine can provide you with the real taste of your coffee beans. As well as, a well vacuum insulated coffee carafe is able to hold the optimal temperature, without conceding the savor and taste of coffee for hours. So if you are a real coffee lover, I would suggest, you might rely on the above coffee machines. So, Last but not least, I would like to say that, maybe these are not 100% perfect, but all of them are user-friendly and takes less from your pocket.

7 Best Pod Coffee Machine of 2020 – Review & Buyer Guide

Best Pod coffee Makers

Start your day with a cup of freshly flavored and delicious coffee and burn the exhaustion. For a coffee addict, a cup of perfect hot coffee means a zestful delight, and you can drink like passion. If you want to enjoy fresh and special coffee at home on a work-off day or a quick hard coffee on a busy day, then the best cup coffee maker is the best option for you. We have done dynamic research to figure out the real features, exact prices, and real usage. Here we are going to brief 7 best pod coffee machines, with divergent features for different customers of contrasting need and budget.

Best Pod Coffee Machine Reviews 2020

Top Pod Coffee Makers

1. Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Machine

Keurig is the mainstream of household appliances; it is a universal up-to-date brand too. Among them, the Keurig K575 is a multi-functional coffee maker, which you can use as the best option. Which coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee? perhaps you can get the answer here.

The Features

  • The first amazing thing is the contrast material of both parts of the water reservoir. The external part is of BPA free plastic, and the internal is stainless steel. Another part is that it is detachable, making it easy to fill the water as frequently as many times as you want.
  • The Zumbo size digital clock color touch screen is very user-friendly. The auto turn-off option can let you operate the coffee machine of your choice. This helps you do the task without spoiling your sleep. You can cut your power bills by this procedure too. The product is not noisy at all.  It is one of the best k cup coffee makers.



  • You can get five different types of texture and taste of best tasting pod coffee as well as other hot beverages.
  • And you can achieve 5 versatile sized coffee pots, to meet different quantity-like of the users.
  • Along with the K-cups it provides the K-carafe pods too but is sold separately with extra.
  • The coffee brewing method is the best for this machine.


  • One problem with this top single serve maker is similar to other Keurig. It has the sensor to identify the cup or pod, so you can not put a customized or regular coffee pod in that machine. The solution is here too, just take out the foil lid of Keurig from the available cup and use it with the regular ones.


So, keeping these points in mind, I think this is very good and easy to use the personal best pod coffee machine. It can let you make instant coffees with divergent taste.


2. Keurig K-Select Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig is the pioneer in the market of coffee maker especially the K-cup. It is the product of a reasonable price and multi traits with the highest opportunity. It is the simple coffee machine with effortless operation. Just fill the reservoir, put the single serve coffee pods and choose the brew size by handy control and take the coffee out in 60 sec.

The Features

  • The water reservoir of the capacity of 52 Oz is detachable. It is washable too, to maintain flexibility. The single cup brewer is provided with 4 different size coffee pots or cups.
  •  The auto programmable function is very effective with flexibility like other Keurig products.
  • These all are the best products to buy in Keurig line. And consumer reports on best K cup coffee maker are applicable for this.


  • Overall it can brew 5 cups coffee or any other hot drinks.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • The only problem is that the brewed coffee can leak from the tube if it is excessively used for long years. But the solution is here, just replace the tube. 


To put forth all the things, we can accept it as the most reasonable single serve maker in the line of the Keurig. But you have to drop the hacks and can leave a good review for overall performance.


3. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Single Cup

Single serve coffee maker review depends on the real uses of the maker with pods or with best pod coffee maker no pods. Sometimes you want to have a full mug of unblemished Barista-like coffee beyond the regular ones. You have to thank the De’Longhi, the best single cup coffee maker then.

The Features

  • It is a very smooth and light weighted Nespresso like a machine. It operates just in one-touch operation. The distillation system is absorbed where the pressure is very high up to 19 bar pressure.
  • The fast heating process helps to warm up the Nespresso like machine within 25 seconds. And thus it helps to make 9 cups of coffee without refilling. The folding drip can help you to settle larger cups, and it is auto functioned to drop down after finishing. The auto-switching option after 9 minutes helps to save power.


  • Each machine is accommodated with 16 capsules of unique tastes and aroma. So you can enjoy the coffee at your highest level of zest.
  • Cleaning the brewer is not a big deal. You can clean the reservoir once in a week, and you can use a filter to the brewer for minimal scaling.


  • But the problem occurs if you are on a tight budget. Then the capsules seem to be heartbreaking to you as they are of the expensive budget. But in spite of espresso Delonghi, you can use the capsules of third party cheap ones. You cannot use the Keurig K-Cup in the Nespresso Coffee maker.

Above all, if you are fond of drinking regular coffee, then it is not the best choice for you. The person, who prefers the espresso coffee, yearns for this.


4. Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Coffee Maker

Here comes the coffee maker of the huge serving facility. It is a broad choice for different types of perfect hot drinks. The Cuisinart is the best support for you on occasion or the sudden arrival of many guests.

The Features

  • It is not time-consuming, as you don’t have to refill the 72 oz removable water reservoir. This includes 5 different sizes of multiple brew cups. The cups or the pod coffee pots are for different choices of flavored instant hot drinks; not just coffee.
  • The hot water button saves your time to heat the element with one touch in a minute. Another striking facility is the rinsing facility. It accurately cleans the leftover coffee. Thus the maker helps to enjoy a more different taste without mixing. The cleaning procedure is also made easy by this trait.


  • You want to enjoy ground coffee of your own choice, no problem; this also has the solution. However, use the reusable filter to brew your choice of coffee for the single serving.
  • Another facility over Keurig is that any regular K-Cup can fit in your pod coffee machine, so in other words, enjoy your own choice.


  • One problem is that the brewer timing is a little higher than those of the other single-serve brewers.
  • And another is – a little splashing of the coffee during operation.


You want to serve a big chunk of people with a single person serving with a different flavor. Then Cuisinart SS-10 is the best choice for you.


5. Mixpresso – Single Pod coffee machine

Mixpresso single serve pod coffee machine is the fast brewer with which you can brew single serve regular coffee or espresso within 30 seconds. You can enjoy whatever the beverages are hot water or tea or coffee or milk.

The Features

  • It has an attached reusable filter with 45 oz water reservoir by which you can brew 6 plus cups of coffee without refilling the reservoir.
  • It has the auto function to shut off automatically and can brew coffee with a single button pressed. Moreover, if it is not active for more than 2 hours then it shuts of its own.


  • Any types of K-cups pod formats are compatible with this one cup coffee maker. Otherwise, except k cups, the only mixpresso single serve cups are handled.
  • The size of it makes it convenient to travel with having it, one of the amazing traits of the coffee maker. The cleaning procedure is also hassled free because of its removable reservoir. Washing the pods is just the cleaning task beyond the reservoir.


  • On problem is that the auto function, one single button can make the novice coffee brewer person puzzled.

Then if you prefer some portable idea of coffee maker, make a choice for it.

6. Hamilton Beach the Scoop Single Serve

All of us definitely prefer both the brewing system in the same package. And that we can find from the Hamilton beach single serve maker, one of the top rated pod coffee makers. You can enjoy both textures in different moods of a day.

The Features

  • The outer part of a machine is made up of stainless steel. The material is long lasting to hold the machine for a higher period of time. A built-in stand of the coffee mug is also available, and that is adjustable for different sizes of the travel cups or coffee mugs.
  • The most interesting and useful feature is, it can provide you with both types of coffee bold and regular. With the bold brewing option, you can have stronger coffee and with the regular option of brewing, you can get the standard coffee.


  • Another amazing fact is that you won’t feel the necessity to have Hamilton beach single serve coffee pods or cups because the maker as the facility of single serve scoop filter.
  • Moreover, it is a great alternative to the expensive overall good quality coffee maker. You can make a great variety of flavors using every type of ground coffee, including premium and decaf coffee. In terms of using whole ground, you have to grind those in fine texture.


  • There is no much Hamilton beach single serve coffee maker problems. But sometimes the coffee splashes out of the brewing basket. So the fruitful solution is using lesser ground coffee.


If you want to get both the regular and bold coffee at reasonable price, then go for it.


7. Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo Pod Coffee Machine

Oh, you want to relish two in one serving coffee maker to brew both coffee and espresso. Then the Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo is the best type. Espresso is the preeminent brand in the coffee world for its authenticity. Additionally, the price is high too. It is the best pod espresso machine.

The Features

  • This pod maker has the contrifusion extraction technology where blend specific capsules are used. The small one is for espresso, and the large one is for coffee. The maintenance of the capsules is truly easy. But it fits the specific Vertuoline capsule only. The different 13 to 20 capsules can help you to brew contrast flavor of coffee and espresso.
  • The machine automatically shuts down, if it finds itself inactive for 9 minutes.
  •  Many say that Nespresso is not good at making regular coffee. But that’s not the reality; you can make favorable Coffee on this brewer.


  • To brew perfect coffee, you can add a Nespresso Aeroccino Plus milk frother separately. By this, you can prepare a hot or cold drink with one touch.
  • It heats up in 15 seconds to make it effective and efficient to brew instant coffee.


  • The overall function and maintenance procedure is a little bit complicated. So the user should gather proper knowledge and idea to overcome troubleshooting.


So, if you want to enjoy the mouth-watering aroma and different featured coffee as well as can stretch the budget somewhat long, then this pod coffee brewer is absolute for aristocrat buyers.

Pod Coffee Machine Buying Guide

If you want to buy a pod coffee machine consider the following  things:

Quality: Quality is the first thing to think when buying a pod coffee machine. Better quality coffee machines have less defects and deficiencies. They always check them thoroughly before sending to market as quality is the first priority to some companies.

Brand: Brand always holds reputation and they try to keep it up. Good brand always cares to deliver the product fast and also give better after sales service so try to buy a branded machine.

Reviews: You should read what the other users are telling about coffee machine. It will help you to know about the good and bad side of the machine. But be careful as sometimes some people can give fake reviews, consider what majority are telling.

Price: All buyers think about the budget before buying the product. Normally good pod coffee machines require high price but try to get the best product within your budget.

Tank Size: It is important to make sure that the coffee machine has a water tank. It will be better if it has built-in filtration system. The tank size will depend on how many cups of coffee you need daily. For larger family and for entertainment you should have larger tank.

Bar Pressure: For household coffee machine (unless Barista model) you will get better pressure if the bar is lower. For pod coffee machine pressure is important because final taste of chosen blend depend on it. For household use now people use 9 bar machine. If the bar is higher (up to 15 bars) then the water moves through a filter faster/slower that result too weak/strong blend.

Drink size: If your kitchen has less free space then you can think about compact appliance. But if you have enough space then you may think for a larger one. Besides, the number of coffee drinkers also is a factor for the drink size.

Spout size:  Considering the cup size it is important to have enough room below the spit. It will be better if your pod coffee machine has adjustable spout.

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Pod Coffee Machine FAQ

  1. What is a Pod Coffee Machine?

A pod coffee machine is one kind of coffee maker. Instead of using loose ground coffee, it uses coffee grounds wrapped in a plastic cup where placed in a filter bag. Typically one pod is ideal for only one serving. Your pod is injected into the machine; machine will mechanically slice it and run the hot water through it, then distributing the brew into your cup.

  1. How much does it cost on a Pod Coffee Machine?

There is good news that you can have a quality pod coffee maker within your low budget. In a market, it is available between $50 to $400 which is quite good. Although it depends on their functionality, size and features. So basically, your lifestyle will determinate your buying decision. For example, how large your household is? Do you have habituated of using auto-programming? Or are you searching a barista-style machine?

  1. Are Pod Coffee Maker easy to clean?

Yes, in almost every cases. Specially, in new models of coffee maker parts that can be easily removed for thorough cleaning. After clean, you can fix it into particular place. Coffee grounds and water are usually lined with a non-stick coating. It can be easily cleaned by a wet cloth and detergent.

Final Verdict

In the final analysis, this is the ending of the brief description of the best single serve coffee makers. Choose according to your affordability, ease of maintenance, diverse taste bud, number of people served and pod coffee maker reviews.

best pod coffee

  • To enjoy regular coffee on the different strength you can pick the Keurig K575 Single ServeK-Cup Pod.
  • If you want to stay on a limited budget and simple and effortless maintenance, then the Keurig K-Select is the best for your good reviews.
  • Enjoy just the espresso on the lowest cost with Nespresso Inissia Espresso.
  • Want to maintain a restaurant or entertain lots of guests? Just search for Cuisinart SS-10 Single Serve Coffee Maker.
  • If you want to enjoy diverse beverages during travel then try to use Mixpresso maker.
  • If you want to enjoy both standard and exclusive coffee, the Hemilton Beach is the best option.
  • Last but not the least, if you can afford a big budget, you can savor the different aroma of both coffee and espresso on Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo Brewers.


Does it help in your decision? Now choose the best coffee makers with pods that satisfy you and you can find the best single serve coffee maker consumer reports.