Chemex vs Pour Over (Hario v60) – Coffee Brewer Comparision

For many years, most of the people made their coffee by heating ground coffee in a pot with water. It became a standard brewing method. Gradually, making a great cup of coffee has grown significantly in recent years. The addition of a paper filter is a huge innovation of that. People are no longer to taste the same type of brew every day.  Now they have options to sort out what type of coffee is suited most. However, the pour-over brewer is an essential part of the kitchen. The pour-over brewing method is best for producing superior-tasting coffee. Now it’s time to compare two premiers pour-over brewers such as the Chemex vs Pour Over (Hario V60).

Chemex vs Pour Over

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

Pour-over coffee is a classic coffee method where you have only a cup, a filter, a funnel and your hand to get in the way without any machine. It is doing by hand. It is made with hot water hand-poured over the grounds coffee in a filter. This process is like a drip coffee maker where you can control the flow of water. For instance, here you have to pour a slow and steady stream of hot water over the coffee grounds whereas you can have a full-flavored and delicate cup of coffee instantly. You will not get this taste from other drip machine or French press. Moreover, it is also known as filter coffee or drip coffee.

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Hario V60

Pour over is a time-tested method where Hario V60 is the most popular model. Hario is a Japanese based company whose name means King of Glass. At first, the company began to make laboratory glass products. After that, in 2004, they introduced Hario v60  Transparent glass Coffee Dripper. Later on, it comes in many colors and materials such as ceramic, glass, copper, and even plastic models. Till today, the company is making lab equipment as well as home and kitchen devices.

However, it has given the name V60 because of its perfect 60-degree angle of the cone. It creates its renowned signature V shape. It combined with the spiral ribs on the top to the bottom surface of the cone. Moreover, it also offers water to flow just right as well as ground coffee to expand optimally. Furthermore, the cone sits is large compared to most other brewers. Thus, it can control the rate of water flow.

Overall, V60 is a fantastic brew method. It is easy to clean up. Hario V60 02 offers to brew coffee for 1-4 people whereas Hario V60 01 offers 1-2 people. It is the perfect platform for experimenting your personal preference. So anyone can enjoy amazing tasting coffees.

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you see the Chemex coffee maker is simply wow. It is a rare combination of a beautiful and unique design.  This superb glass brewer was invented by the chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm Ph.D. in 1941. Their head office located in Western Massachusetts. It is remained untouched for 70 years and still going on. The company has received several awards for its design and science. And even you can find it in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

It is a heat-resistant glass vessel that is made in the shape of an hourglass.  It has a small ridge that serves as a spout. Moreover, it is also decorated with a heat-proof wooden collar around its pinched waist. Additionally, a leather band is tied for convenient handling. It plays like a smooth carafe for serving once the coffee is brewed and the filter is discarded. The company makes several different models where some of them have a handle. Additionally, the function of the Chemex is quite similar to the pour-over. Although some variations produce an entirely distinct taste. Its extra-thick bonded filters made it more special as well as help to extract the flavor of any roast. Again, it removes much of the body and coffee oils which help to regulate the flow of coffee. It keeps the flow of water in slow motion while passing it. Ultimately bring the best result out of it. It can hold up to 3 to 10 cups of coffee.

Hario V60

What’s the difference between Chemex vs Pour Over (Hario V60)?

Grind size

It is a classic debate between Chemex and V60 for coffee lovers. The grind size for the coffee beans is playing the major factor here. At first, Chemex has been designed for a medium-coarse grind. Nevertheless, it is also forgiving in case of finer or coarser grind.  On the other hand, for V60 pour-over, the combination of a fine grind and a slow pour creates the strongest coffee.


The main body of Chemex is made of glass that makes it extremely sturdy.  It follows the nominal space between the filter and the funnel. Here coffee exists through the bottom of the funnel. Although it is not portable.  On the other hand, V60 is quite compact in design. It comes in a cone or flat-bottom styles which allow brewed coffee to exit through the sides of the filter. After that, it falls to the bottom of the funnel. Also, it is portable too.


Both devices are using a paper filter. But there is a distinction about the thickness of the paper. The Chemex uses thicker filter paper compared to the V60. It doesn’t allow any sediment to pass. As a result, we found a clear brew. However, the filter paper of the V60 is a little bit of thinner which can differentiate the final taste of the coffee.

Brew time

Usually, we go to work in the morning. Most of the time we are in a hurry.  So it is important to see how much time it will take to brew the coffee.  Since the filter paper of Chemex is much thicker, so drip of coffee into the cup at a slower pace. Approximately five to six minutes will be fine to brew the coffee. In contrast, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for brewing for V60.

Ease of Use

Convenience depends on some factors like set up, clean up and portability. Both brewers need a particular branded paper filter. You can get Chemex paper filters easily whereas V60 is also a popular one. So the filter papers of devices are available.  You can brew larger batches through Chemex instead of one cup. Chemex is better to share with the maximum number of people. Nonetheless, V60 offers not more than 2 cups of coffee. Likewise, due to the shape of an hourglass, Chemex needs extra time to wash. On the other hand, V60 gets a quick rinse.

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Which one should you buy: Chemex vs Pour Over?

The Chemex and V60, of them, are almost the same with some nominal differences. Both of them are pour-over coffee makers and making great coffee. Besides, they are easy to use and require specific filter paper. Very often, I have been asked which is the best for which coffee, but I would rather advise you to find which variables matter to you. For instance, in the case of Chemex pour-over, it is the perfect combination of function and design. But also makes it the one you want to leave out for guests to see. Because it is an art, no doubt. Besides, it offers to brew multiple cups at the same time through clear, bright coffee from the thicker filter.

There is no plastic particles here. On the other hand, in the case of V60 pour-over, it has some advantages too. For example, it is cost-effective. Those who are conscious about the budget can easily choose it. However, you can take complete control of a customized cup of coffee. You can have it in your outing plan too, except the ceramic and glass models. It is easy to clean.

So lastly but not least, both of them are good. You can choose it according to your tastes, flavors, and preferences.

Happy brewing!

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