Coffee Maker with Water Line in 2020

The change in the coffee machine is noticeable with the change of time. Plumbed coffee makers have their water supply facility. For this reason, it is possible to distinguish coffee maker with water line from all other coffee makers.

In a traditional coffee maker, you have to refill the water frequently. On the other hand, Plumbed coffee makers have an automatic water refill system. So, this can be a great solution for regular painful water filling.

Coffee Maker with Water LinePlaces where plumbed coffee makers needed:

This type of coffee maker is usually perfect for greater use. Therefore, Plumbed coffee makers are very useful in the office or university. But you can also use it at home if you have a habit of drinking coffee frequently.


In an office, employees are required to drink coffee every day. A meeting is not perfect if there is no coffee at the office meeting. Therefore, there is always a need to have water at the office coffee machine. Since many workers work, they need a lot of water. Many people can drink coffee all day in the office. So, the plumbed coffee maker plays a very effective role in that location.


If there is no coffee arrangement at the wedding or on the birthday, the invitation is left unfulfilled. In a ceremony where many people come together for a limited time, it’s important to have a Coffee Maker with a Water Line system in community centers.


For those who do restaurant business, Coffee Maker with Water Line is a must. This type of system is an easy solution for customers to serve coffee at the fastest time.

Here we have mentioned 2 coffee makers with water lines. So, let’s see what the models are:

Brew Express BEC-110BS:

It is an auto-filling Coffee System. Since it has an instant hot water delivery system, you don’t need to wait for the water to heat up. It has 10-cup Thermal Carafe for keeping your beverages hot. The carafe is cleaning friendly with a beautiful outlook. 10 cup coffee at a time can be perfect for a meeting. Its Adjustable Cup Selector helps to get your desired amount of coffee.

Keurig K150:

It is a Commercial Coffee Maker. You can easily operate it because of having a colorful touch screen. You can easily adjust the brew temperature. Since it has auto on-off settings, you don’t need to worry about on-off. Its three different languages made the brewing instructions more convenient for non-English persons also.

Pros of Having a Direct Water Line

You do not have to spend your precious time and labor on pouring water. If there is a direct water connection, the water will automatically fill up as much water as you need. Built-in tubes have clever engineering technology that allows water pressure to be regulated as well as automatic filtering of water.

The biggest advantage of this is that the quality of the coffee remains unchanged due to the quality of the water. At present, many advanced coffee makers have the advantage of water line extension kits.

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Cons of Having a Direct Water Line

There are some advantages to use any item, as well as some disadvantages. You will need the plumber’s help to set it up. However, if you study and research, you can set the coffee maker yourself.

If you are wrong with your installation, your water filter or coffee maker may be damaged. So, you need to spend some time and money to install it properly.

Coffee maker with water lines Buying guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying this type of coffee maker so that your plumbing experience becomes good.

Type selection:

There are different types of plumbed coffee machines in the market. There are hybrid type machines on the market also that can make espresso as well as brew coffee. So, if you have a space crisis, you can avoid the hassle of buying two machines separately.

On the other hand, if you want to make high quality espresso or brewed coffee, your choice should be different. So, considering your overall situation you need to choose the type of coffee maker.

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When buying a plumbed coffee maker, you need to think about the structure of the machine and the combination of water line points in your home. In some cases you can connect the machine directly to the water line. On the other hand, if you want to connect indirectly with the water line, you have to think about the plumbing budget.

Size of brewing:

There are various brew size coffee machines in the market from single cup to full size carafe. So, if your family is small or you do not drink coffee frequently, you can buy a single cup machine. On the other hand, if your family is big or drinks coffee frequently, you can buy a commercial grade coffee maker. So, before buying a coffee machine, be sure about the brew size of the coffee.

Do I need safety precautions for Coffee Maker with Water Line?

The service quality of a plumbed coffee maker depends on pure water. Municipal water contains lots of germs and chemicals. Contaminated water spoils the taste of coffee and leaves the coffee maker dirty.

So, after a few days’ intervals, you should clean your coffee maker. The best solution is to have a water filter along with a coffee maker.

The plumbed coffee maker can be a smart choice for a large family. Moreover, this coffee maker is perfect for offices, business centers or shops.

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Problems of a directly plumbed coffee maker

There is a problem with using a plumbed coffee maker to set up a water line. Water pipes and power sources should be kept in mind when setting up a plumbed coffee maker.

If the machine is not installed properly it is likely to be damaged. Therefore, if you are unable to install it yourself, you need the help of an experienced plumber.

Maintenance of a coffee maker with water line

As there is a lot of water supply in the plumbed coffee maker, you will need to descale with vinegar after some time. Besides, you will need to do regular descaling to get rid of coffee oil buildups.

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