What is Espresso Cream? How to Make it Perfect?

What is Espresso Cream? How to Make it Perfect?

Before we know what is espresso cream we need to know about espresso coffee. At the coffee shop when we want a strong coffee, the common question comes from the sales assistance – Do you want Espresso?

What is an Espresso?

The Espresso pertains to a brewing method of thick liquid extract of bold tasted coffee. It is the Italian origin authentic coffee. Espresso is a strong black coffee that’s generally brewed by forcing nearly boiled (91° to 95°C) steam of water go through fine 50gm±10gm compacted ground coffee. To brew one shot (1.5Oz) of Espresso, take 30 seconds extensions by using an espresso machine high end.  It also says “Espresso Golden Rule” in short you say it 9-7-30-30. I recommended getting the best crema use coffee maker that is brewed in an automatic process.

Which Nutrition’s you get from 1 shot of Espresso?

As a matter of fact 30gm Espresso fluid carries 9 Calories, the values (gm) are given below-

  1. Percentages of Fat –

Saturated fat 0.1g

Polyunsaturated fat 0.1g

Sodium 14mg

Potassium 115g

  1. Total Carbohydrate = 1.7g

Protein 0.1g

Caffeine 212g

Magnesium    20% 


What is Espresso Cream?

A Crema represents a layer of fine foam bubble creates on the top of an espresso shot. Standardly, it looks like the color of dark-tan or brown-gold. These colors depend on the roasting and brewing methods of espresso coffee.

What is the relation between Espresso Crème and Carbon Dioxide?

The taste of espresso doesn’t depend on the thickness or colors of crema. Basically, it is the indicator of the quality of your espresso shots. The most compelling evidence is the quality of the espresso figures out on the layer of crème. It helps to find out the best beans for espresso crema.

in the light of the above, the espresso crema is a fine foaming layer on the surface of the espresso coffee. But this layer depends on the freshly roasted beans.

Freshly roasted beans refer to those beans which produce rich absorption of carbon dioxide/CO2. In the brewing time of espresso, when the pressurized water coming through the tight-packed finely ground coffee. At that time this carbon dioxide also goes out and creating the foam bubble.

How do you make excellent shots of Espresso?

When you prepare great shots of espresso, the crème is naturally produced. So, when you get a layer like cream of cake on your coffee, then you confirm that a perfect shot of espresso coffee brewing method is complete. To pull perfect espresso shots always you should follow some general guidelines –

Types of Equipment

  • Best Espresso Machine
  • Quality Grinder (some espresso machine has hoper with it.)
  • Portafilter
  • Tamper
  • Filtered water (Without it the machine will be spoiled.)
  • Cup (normal or Espresso Cup)
  • Good quality coffee beans.

Let’s go through step by step to get into the good stuff –


Before brewing the first cup of the day you must be sure about the preheat of your machine. For this reason, you need to perform all the steps without coffee. It means flowing water through the cup by portafilter without using coffee grounds. It will take 15 to 25 seconds to preheat the machine.


Crush your freshly roasted coffee beans as per your cups quantity by your Grinder before preparing espresso. Because of doing this you get fresh bold taste and fragrance and crema from your coffee.


Put 1 shot (7gm) or double shots (15gm) of refined ground coffee in the portafilter. Press evenly by a temper to make sure it’s sufficiently compact before positioned the portafilter in your espresso machine.


After placing the portafilter in your espresso machine brew head and placed your preheated espresso cup beneath it.


Press the power button and wait for the 9bar pressure boiled water come through the portafilter and stored the 30ml of coffee extract in the cup.


The ideal extraction time of an espresso shot is 25 to 30 seconds. Within a few second crema should form after the brewing process starts.

If you follow all those steps, you will get a perfect shot of espresso with crema. We also provide a video for you-


The color of crema and thickness depends on these few Things:

  • Roasting process light or dark what kind of roasted bean you are using?
  • Freshly Ground beans do you use freshly ground coffee or pre-ground coffee for the brew?
  • Brewed time how long the process of shot takes for?
  • Crush quality the consistency of your coffee grounds.

Above are the main reasons for changing the color and thickness of espresso cream. So, always try to follow the espresso golden rule to get this espresso cream. And experiences will also help you to prepare the perfect shots of espresso with rich nice crème.



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