Frappuccino vs Cappuccino

There are a lot of different espresso-based drinks available in the coffee shop. You might be confused sometimes for ordering the desired one. Here I will be talking about two popular coffee drinks, Frappuccino vs Cappuccino, that is quite similar to each other but have some distinctions too.  This post will help you to know about their making process, how they taste, what impacts their drinks, tips for brewing, and so on. Additionally, which is stronger? Are they both espresso-based drinks? Are they always made with coffee only? Which one is more special: Frappuccino vs Cappuccino? Before, to start, in one word, cappuccino is like your good old espresso with the combination of frothing milk. Whereas Frappuccino drinks are coffee-based as well as crème based too.

frappuccino vs cappuccino

Let’s jump to the explanation: Frappuccino vs Cappuccino.

What is Frappuccino?

Frappuccino is a special drink which is the combination of iced and blended coffee. Otherwise, it is something between coffee and milkshake which is a trademark product that belongs to the Starbucks Corporation. In Frappuccino, there are some more ingredients that are added with it such as topped with whipped cream, flavored syrups, sugar, natural and artificial flavor, water, xantham gum, caramel color, caffeine, and potassium sorbate. This is how; it offers so many variations of tastes worldwide. Moreover, this drink is available in a bottled shape in grocery shops as well as many vending machines. On the other hand, not all Frappuccino hold espresso. That is why it is different from cappuccino. A Frappuccino comes with ice and whipped cream, which is a signature mark of drink.

How to Make Your Frappuccino?

For making Frappuccino, you need neither espresso machine nor coffee sometimes. However, the main item would be the ice blended with heavy cream and whip cream on top.  You can make your Frappuccino in the given process. Let’s see the below section one by one:

  • At first, brew your coffee as it becomes strong enough. You can omit this step if you are making crème Frappuccino. For blended drinks, it works great as it has other flavors too like milk.
  • Now you have to put the coffee and other ingredients into the blender. You can also drink iced without being blended. Then let throw everything in the cup and stir itself.
  • Then add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of milk to the coffee. Although 2% of milk is perfect for having the best flavor and texture.
  • Add vanilla smoothie powder, Jell-o, ice cream, and so on for thickener.
  • Add ice, blend it well, and enjoy!

Similar drinks to frappuccino

Tastes of coffee could be varied from one to another. If you are looking for some similar drinks to Frappuccino, then this portion of the article will help you to understand better.

  • Java Chip Frappuccino: The Java Chip Frappuccino is known as the best Starbucks Frappuccino. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy with every sip.
  • Strawberry Frappuccino: Strawberry Frappuccino is not the typical one. It has a thicker consistency compared to others.
  • Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino: It is bitter in taste or sometimes earthy. You may like it because no sugar added here.
  • Coffee Frappuccino: If you want to get a classy taste, then go for a Coffee Frappuccino. It is not too sweet but refreshes your mind.
  • Caramel Frappuccino: If you are a lover of sweetness, then Caramel Frappuccino would be the right choice.

What is Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is the real coffee drink without sugar which is resemble as a traditional drink. It has a smooth coffee flavor. You can make it from the combination of hot milk, milk foam, and espresso. For instance, its milk foam creates a silky and velvety texture around the coffee. Due to having a good amount of milk, it contains protein and fat with the nutritional characteristics of espresso. These items are absent for other regular coffee. Furthermore, it has less caffeine. For having the best taste of cappuccino, you have to make it in your home or from a good and reliable coffee shop.  Don’t go for any convenient stores, they will offer you nothing.

How to make cappuccino?

For making Cappuccino, you have to use some specific ratio of espresso to milk to foam. Here espresso is a part and parcel of it. For instance, 1/3 part espresso, 1/3 part of steamed milk, and 1/3 part milk foam are needed for a regular serving of Cappuccino. Besides these items, a kettle or pot, sugar and 1 cup of water, instant coffee, powdered chocolate/cinnamon, small plunger-style coffee jug, microwave oven are also needed during the process of making Cappuccino. So let’s check the full procedure:

Step 1: Here you have to pre-heat your mug and coffee. So boil your kettle first so that you can pour boiling water into the mug for one minute. It is applicable for instant coffee.

On the other hand, in case of pre-brewed extra strong coffee, fill it into your mug to about 1/3 full and keep it heat in the oven till to become very hot. But don’t boil as it is not good for having perfect Cappuccino.

Step 2: Here you have to heat your milk. Then put about ¾ cup of milk into your glass plunger jug. Now put it into a microwave oven without any metal for 70/80 seconds. Please be noted, no boiling milk is expected.

Step 3: Your coffee is about to ready. Here remove the pre-heating water out of your mug. In terms of instant coffee, add some more coffee powder than usual and sugar while your milk is heating. Then pour boiling water to fill the mug 1/3 and mix the coffee powder to dissolve.

On the other hand, you should put a cover on top to keep it hot in case of using pre-brewed coffee.

Step 4: Here you have to froth your milk. So you need to remove your plunger jug from the oven and shake it well about 10-20 times to froth up your milk.

Step 5: Here you have to add frothed milk to coffee. So pour your hot frothy milk on top of your coffee carefully like cappuccino style. You can add boiling water to top it up in a nominal amount.

Step 6: If you wish, you could add sprinkles to the top. Now it’s time for serving and enjoying a hot Cappuccino.

Similar drinks to cappuccino

There are so many drinks are available which are similar to Cappuccino. Among them, we are going to mention some names below:

  • Macchiato: We also call it as Espresso Macchiato. It is popular for its bolder flavor. Besides, it has foam on it with a small layer of microfoam to allow the taste of the espresso to shine.  High-quality espresso beans are essential in macchiato for flavor.
  • Latte / Caffe Latte: Latte is special for its texture of the foam. It is an Italian term that means milk coffee of a smooth and silky microfoam. Usually, a double shot of espresso, 6 to 8 ounces of steamed milk, a layer of foam that’s about 1 cm thick are the features of caffe latte.
  • Mocha: Mocha is a drink that combination of espresso with hot milk and chocolate.


Tips for brewing (Frappuccino vs Cappuccino)

For Frappuccino:

There are some ways to keep away you from heat during summer. You can cool down yourself by putting a seasonal twist of Frappuccino. Although warm coffee works well in the summertime but sipping iced cool Frappuccino will carry you into another level. It’s like a rise and shine scenario. I am sharing some tips on brewing the perfect cup of Frappuccino.

It will be very costly that every time you go to Starbucks for having the Frappuccino. However, there is a solution to make it at home as taste as the signature Starbucks brew. It based on an iced coffee topped with whipped cream. In other words, it seems that it is a simple task but no in practically. As ice can dilute the strength and flavor of coffee, so make sure double brewing to maintain the taste which ultimately leads you energetic throughout the day. Moreover, it contains espresso, coffee sweeteners, milk, xantham gum, and caramel color, and so on. Cold-brew coffee for Frappuccino consists of a very little acidity. Furthermore, it is more subtle tasting than hot coffee. It is stronger as it is more of a coffee essence than a drink on its own.

You have two options for double brewing coffee. One is to brew pre-made coffee over coffee grounds and the other one is to brew water over twice the amount of coffee grounds. Both of them method will lead you to double the strength of normal coffee. Then let the coffee cool, pour over ice, and enjoy.

For Cappuccino:

A little foamy and full of flavors would be the perfect example of a real Cappuccino. The basic tip of a cappuccino is about a double espresso and a thick layer of steamed milk foam. Some more varieties are also invented from it. It reflects resemble the earliest cappuccino predecessors. For example, some recipes use cream instead of milk whereas topping it with ginger, chocolate powder, cinnamon, or cocoa is preferable. Besides, Coffee experts recommended using filtered water. Because the bad quality of water may affect the taste of the espresso shot as well as damage the system of machines.

At a glance, you will need an espresso shot for Cappuccino. It will provide you a good flavor, extra swirly and colorful. Likewise, cinnamon, cocoa, cardamom, pepper are the powdered ingredients that could be added with the cream, but not with the drink. Since all spices do not dissolve in water; they will float down to the bottom of your cup. So it’s better to mix them into the cream.

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In the above discussion, it has seen that although Frappuccino vs Cappuccino are sharing a similar name they are different. As you know Frappuccino is a trademark product of Starbucks that uses many ingredients. Sometimes it does not carry coffee but heavily sweetened. However, Cappuccino contains the real coffee drink made from espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Here someone will fond of Frappuccino or someone will go for Cappuccino. It varies according to the taste of people. Both of them have their specialties. From now on, I expect it will not be so hard for you to choose the right coffee drink. I have mentioned all the features such as tastes, flavors, and other related things of Frappuccino vs Cappuccino. So next time, order your desired coffee drink with full of confidence.

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